Alpiri training draws on resources put together by Tuning in to Kids in Melbourne as well as research by Centre on the Developing Child  and three key American thinkers- Dan Siegel, John Gottman and David Eagleman. We have brought together the essence of their work and created a short psycho-social behavioural change intervention which is easy to teach and reproducible.

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Options :

Consultation with Dr Sarah Temple-  Finding bespoke solutions, working with Individual Schools - price individually negotiated


Training to cascade: 

Two half day workshops developing empathy, self regulation, emotion regulation and executive function skills with opportunity for Learners to practice these skills between workshops. Discussion of the evidence base for this approach and how the 3 Principles to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families can fit into a whole school approach to resilience. Two group on line video conference sessions between workshops. Maximum 20 Learners. Training room provided by the host school. Two Facilitators. Primary School £1,800. Secondary and Middle School £2,500

One whole day workshop - same content but more economical for Schools a long distance from Dorset. Primary £1,500. Secondary and Middle £1,800

Coaching and Supervision - coaching and supervsion for school staff  and families on a one to one or group basis from £40 per hour

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