Dr. and Mrs. Scott Lively have a unique mission to showcase and advance the Biblical worldview by personal example in all spheres of life. They live their faith publicly and proactively to bring salt and light into every corner of the secular world. Dr. Lively's recent run for Governor of Massachusetts established a powerful model for carrying the Gospel into the political arena. Before that, the Livelys founded and ran an inner-city mission in Springfield, MA, intentionally buying the worst house in the worst neighborhood of the city to show the power of "redemptive living," remodeling it with their own hands over seven years, while serving the bottom strata of society -- the homeless, mentally ill, addicts and desperately poor -- in a non-denominational church they called "Holy Grounds Coffee House" that drew volunteers from more than 20 different churches and is still active today. Before that they conducted a world-wide speaking tour -- including 50 cities of the former Soviet Union -- promoting the Biblical view of marriage and the natural family, their ministry touching 58 countries as of today. Before that they ran a law firm in Southern California where Dr. Lively's work as an attorney spanned a broad spectrum of legal categories, from Christian mediation and arbitration, to family law (with an emphasis on saving crisis marriages), to constitutional law, including a Christian free speech case he argued all the way to the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. ALL THESE DIVERSE EXAMPLES OF LIFESTYLE EVANGELISM WERE MADE POSSIBLE BY SIMPLY FOLLOWING THE LEADING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND REMAINING FREE FROM THE ENTANGLEMENTS OF THE MATERIAL WORLD. Their only income is the tax-deductible donations inspired by their newsletters (and their example). Please give generously.