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Help the Prescott Chamber Foundation save our Bars!!!

Prescott has a long and proud Western heritage. The bars on Whiskey Row, and many other local favorites are part of that heritage that makes Prescott a unique and special place to live and visit. Forced closures have been so detrimental to these businesses who need to pay critical bills to keep their operations going. We have no idea when they will be allowed to re-open, and they’re desperate for your help! The Prescott Chamber Foundation is launching a “Save our Bars” campaign. Our goal is to raise $200,000, with 100% of donations being awarded in $10,000 grants to each of the Bars in jeopardy. Please consider helping by making a donation to the Prescott Chamber Foundation. This crisis will end, and when it does we want our historic/local and iconic bars ready to serve us and our visitors. Please help, we need you; Prescott needs you! For more information go to and click on “Save our Bars” or call us at 928-445-2000 There are so many more businesses struggling; they too are on our radar, but every campaign must start somewhere so let’s......SAVE OUR BARS!