Dear Friend, We seek a united approach through this Talenthon and other activities to give hope to the hopeless and show them they can do something positive, even in the face of adversity. We achieve this objective with individuals, associations, organizations, institutions, communities, etc., that believe in our mission. The recent crises in Nigeria directly impact WEN because a member of our organization and partner are victims. On October 21st, 2020, in one of our WEN Royal Father's community (Ubomiri and Mbaitolu, Imo State Nigeria), officers of the Nigerian Army shot and killed six people, which sent the residents fleeing the village and hiding in bushes for safety. In 2009, Mr. Ezeudu, WEN Arts & Crafts program partner's son, Mr. Lotachukwu Ezeudu, was kidnapped and killed by Nigerian Divisional Police Officer (DPO), his son, and a junior police officer. The DPO and the junior officer has been on the run, and recently, Mr. Bona Ezeudu was kidnaped, badly beaten, and released after paying a huge ransom. WEN joins hands with our partner and many to seek justice for his son, Mr. Ezeudu, to arrest these bad men and for all the victims. We aim to provide charitable and educational support to advocate, alleviate the pain of the victims and communities, better understand the situation's root causes and consequences, and provide a meaningful solution.