Dear Friend, We're accepting donations. We need your help to reach our goal. Any amount will make a difference. This campaign is about The village fight against COVID-19 to support African countries. Within the next few weeks, WEN will be reaching out to several cultural associations, fraternities, celebrities, etc., to join our Village Against COVID-19 support for Africa. Many of us abroad cannot sit back and watch loved ones suffer and die. To some of us, this time brings back horrid memories of civil wars in their countries. The Village Against COVID-19 Team have setup this campaign support for Africa. We have a track record of having accountability, ethical, and transparent framework of processes, which include the formation of our WEN chapter members in villages and urban areas, Corp of Royal Fathers, and reputable experts and partners in various countries. Any contributions made by our partnering cultural associations will be dispersed to the villages of their choices and evidence provided to them to account for what the funds was used for and who received purchased, donated, or other items. We REFUSE to sit back and watch leaders in these African countries destroy the lives of our family members and loved ones. We thank you in advance for making this campaign a reality.