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November Newsletter

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The Emotional Meaning of Food Cravings

What’s the difference between “desire” and “craving” for food? When it comes to fertility health, there’s a world of difference. Are you aware of what drives your food choices? Is any given food feeding your physical, or your emotional body?

Cravings override your body’s desire for healthy sustenance. They generally have an emotional root. Grief will seek carbs as well as salty snacks...

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The Natural Home Pharmacy

This book is ideal for those seeking to be on the inside track, an exclusive audience, knowing what it takes to keep your own family whole and healthy over the Winter months and beyond. You will know what it feels like to have the tools to be able to boost your own, and your family's, immune function. No more guess work!

You will have access to the kingdom of tried and true remedies, essential oils, trace elements, homeopathic remedies, salves, supplements and whole foods that a Natural Doc has used with her own family for over the last 20 years. These are also the same remedies that she recommends regularly to her international patients.

Whether you're just making your first forays into the realm or you're as savvy as a naturotherapist, this book will be valued as a remarkable find. All of the products mentioned in these page are also easily accessible in your local health food store, some grocery stores in the healthy food section or from virtual stores on the Internet.

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Dear Jeff,

This month, we’re talking about the emotional connection to physical illness. We even have the 1st episode of our new podcast, This Heilkunst Life, to share with you on this very topic, The Healing Power of Illness, a book by Thorwald Defthlesen. 

If you are already a patient of ours, you already know that this is the most authentic and integral part of a true diagnosis that we’re able to provide to our patients. Once we figure out the phenomenon behind an individual’s physical suffering through our tried and true resources, you get to fully apprehend the meaning and take full responsibility for its cause. 

Symptoms, our breath, and our behaviors are some of the few ways our bodies have to flag our attention regarding something lodged in our subconscious from a prior trauma or suppressed emotion. By sussing out the root cause, not only do the symptoms typically abate, but the chance for reinfection is also mitigated. If suppressed with drugs or simply palliated, we totally miss the opportunity to analyze the story our bodies are trying to convey to our consciousness. Then, the darn root just spawns more of the same symptoms or others simply pop up that appear totally unrelated.

Please check out this month’s articles on the relationship between suppressed emotions and food cravings, torsion and pain, and of course our brand new podcast, This Heilkunst Life. We also look forward to your feedback in our behind the scenes offer.


Ally and Jeff

The Emotional Connection To Physical Torsion and Pain

Let’s talk torsion! The right side of our body is more representative of our will (the male) and the left side more about our wisdom (the feminine). Stored up in our body is the way our parents related to one another. If their relationship was mostly loving, egalitarian, and balanced, generally our muscle memory will respect their dynamic.

However, if there was a disequilibrium, our body can recall this dynamic as torsion and be torqued painfully with islets of inflammation. For example, I treated a fellow in the States years ago who was literally spiraling in agony like a corkscrew...

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