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May Newsletter
Spring Cleanse for Mind and Body
What baggage are you holding onto? No, really–I’m speaking to you.
If you aim your gaze down into your belly, what is it that you’re feeling? Are you harbouring grief and sadness down there? What about loss or disappointment? Are you feeling pissed that you thought you’d be in such a better place in your life by now? Perhaps you’re afraid that you’re never going to get to your goals.

What if there was a way to dump all this physical and emotional content overboard without having to hash it out verbally...
The Natural Home Pharmacy
"This book is ideal for those seeking to be on the inside track, an exclusive audience, knowing what it takes to keep your own family whole and healthy over the Winter months and beyond. You will know what it feels like to have the tools to be able to boost your own, and your family's, immune function. No more guess work!

You will have access to the kingdom of tried and true remedies, essential oils, trace elements, homeopathic remedies, salves, supplements and whole foods that a Natural Doc has used with her own family for over the last 20 years. These are also the same remedies that she recommends regularly to her international patients.

Whether you're just making your first forays into the realm or you're as savvy as a naturotherapist, this book will be valued as a remarkable find. All of the products mentioned in these page are also easily accessible in your local health food store, some grocery stores in the healthy food section or from virtual stores on the Internet.

Closing Quote
Dear ,

Spring is the perfect time to detox both body and mind! Did you know that we regularly detox patients from the following:

  • Heavy metals.
  • Emotional and physical timeline traumas from the past.
  • Anger, fear, guilt, shame, grief, and resentment in the present.
  • Geopathic stresses such as power lines, 5G, and smart meters.
  • Iatrogenic insults (anything prescribed by an allopathic physician).
  • Chemicals used in one’s workplace (present and/or prior).
  • Toxins from having lived near mines or other biohazards.
  • Hormonal toxicity like having used the pill or progesterone.
  • Toxicity from being bitten by ticks, bees, or mosquitos.
  • Genetic miasms coming down your family line.

In this month’s newsletter, we talk about how to do a spring detox to the fullest. You will learn why we’ve been successfully detoxing those we serve for the last 21 years.


Ally and Jeff
Sequential Timeline Therapy – Its History, and How We Practice It Today
Welcome to today’s live stream. And we’re going to be taking a look at the topic of “Sequential Timeline Therapy”. And I just want to remind you before we get into it, that you can type your question into the comment box below. If you’re watching live, I will try to answer live right back at you. Or if you’re watching this as a recording after the fact, I will incorporate that into a future video. So let me just switch my screen over to my slide.

As I said, we’re talking about “What is ‘Sequential Timeline Therapy’?” And this will actually be the first of three-part videos. And today is we’re going to be looking at the history and how we practice it today from that history. Next week, we’ll get into part two of the practical question of “How to write down your timeline to start your treatment”. And we will conclude the week after that with part three, “What does it look like in real life?”...

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