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April Newsletter
What Is My Ideal Exercise Program For My Blood Type?
You’re keen and ready to get going. Perhaps you’ve just had your initial consultation with one of our Heilkunst Practitioners and you’re looking over your food list with a mix of enthusiasm and overwhelm. Or maybe you’ve been working with your glandular or metabolic type and you’re now ready to take that next step in your health by stepping up into your blood type diet...

The Natural Home Pharmacy
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You will have access to the kingdom of tried and true remedies, essential oils, trace elements, homeopathic remedies, salves, supplements and whole foods that a Natural Doc has used with her own family for over the last 20 years. These are also the same remedies that she recommends regularly to her international patients.

Whether you're just making your first forays into the realm or you're as savvy as a naturotherapist, this book will be valued as a remarkable find. All of the products mentioned in these page are also easily accessible in your local health food store, some grocery stores in the healthy food section or from virtual stores on the Internet.

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This month we’re talking about exercise. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or you just want to know what type of exercise is the most appropriate for you, we’ve included enough information in this newsletter to furnish you with enough knowledge to get started.

For example, did you know that when an ‘A’ blood type is doing too much cardio, they can cause themselves significant harm? Yes, that’s right, they can blow their adrenals and cause an incredible amount of fatigue if they’re not mindful of their more delicate typology.

Alternatively, an ‘O’ blood type does super well with a boatload of cardio and won’t be properly metabolizing their protein sources if not oxygenating the blood more adequately. ‘O’s are the boot camp types and they will practically glow in the dark after a good cardio workout.

What blood type are you? What is your most resonant exercise plan? Click on the links in this spring’s newsletter to find out.


Ally and Jeff
Where Does Exercise Fit Into Your Fertility Plan?
Your fertility plan must include a healthy dose of exercise. Its two primary functions are to create and regulate energy. It regulates your hormones, as well as cellular metabolism. It helps to create healthy eggs and sperm. It’s directly linked to the health and regularity of menstruation and ovulation.

Regular exercise improves metabolism and circulation which contribute to all reproductive functions. It also reduces stress.

Think of exercise as a fundamental part of trying to conceive. Your total fertility health depends on it. When done in moderation, it is one of the greatest hormone regulators. It also governs the health of your cellular DNA.

Exercise is normally understood as a way to burn off calories and lose weight. That’s actually one of its less significant health benefits...

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