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March Newsletter
When Young Children Tell Lies: An Article Review
Like the author of this article, I also didn’t call my children out on their falsehoods. Nope, not even when I knew on every level that they were lying to me. I was much more interested in how I’d not created the conditions right for the telling of the truth. I knew intimately the deep scars I’d had to bear from being overtly shamed in my own childhood. I just dropped it (unless it somehow harmed another person) recommitted to the truth, highlighting the good behaviour in them every time they chose to tell me the truth. This re-commitment built such a trust-imbued rapport that they would just naturally come to me when they felt guilty or ashamed about stuff (yup all the way up into their teens too) and we’d simply sort it out together.

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Closing Quote
Dear ,

This month we are speaking to how children have struggled in the last two years; a lifetime in a child’s world. We’re talking about how they’ve struggled with learning new concepts using the limiting tools provided to them. Naturally, kids have felt the pressure and stress that their parents have been under, in some cases, feeling insurmountable to many children we’ve served. Some of the behaviors like lying or symptoms of mental and emotional withdrawal can be vastly improved by safely detoxing the traumas they’ve been subjected to over the last twenty-four months.

When we parents are struggling, we often speed up to try and get more things done in a day. Children need slow, relaxed parenting and to feel heard. These opposing forces can cause our children to act out to get more attention, or tell lies so they don’t get in trouble, or even feel lost and marginalized with the desire to simply want to hang out with their friends and even you. This month’s articles will help you sort through the maelstrom of symptoms that may have shown up in your children.

Some kids we serve have shown symptoms of feeling suffocated like chronic coughs or even asthma, some kids hide their tears and frustration while feeling deeply hurt and traumatized by not being able to visit their grandparents or their best friend down the street, because of their immunization status. Needless to say, it’s been profoundly difficult and painful and most kids are carrying around a lot more harbored anger, fear, resentment and grief than ever before.

This is why we’re here. Our job is to help unload the burdens we adults and children carry as a result of major and generalized traumas without causing an ounce of harm. You’re not alone. We’ve all taken hits over the last two years. Is it time to ask for help?


Ally and Jeff
Ten Effects Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On Children
Are the children all right? Here’s a look at how the pandemic is affecting our children and how Heilkunst Medicine can make them stronger.

COVID-19 and the pandemic response have had considerable effects on an entire generation of children—and recovery could take years in conventional medicine. Here are areas where the pandemic has left its mark on the world’s children and how Heilkunst trauma therapy can help our youngest generations now and into the future.

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