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August Newsletter
Animals and Heilkunst
A number of years ago, I served a patient who was very concerned about her beloved dog. He had developed inflammation in his right rear knee and she didn’t want to take him to the veterinarian for more steroid shots or medication as it was producing iatrogenic complications due to the negative side effects. It was interesting as my patient’s right knee was also something that she’d come into our Clinic to be treated for and was in the throes of resolving through Heilkunst Treatment. The underlying cause, of course, was the same for both of them. Both owner and dog are without restriction and inflammation 5 years later at this writing...
The Natural Home Pharmacy
"This book is ideal for those seeking to be on the inside track, an exclusive audience, knowing what it takes to keep your own family whole and healthy over the Winter months and beyond. You will know what it feels like to have the tools to be able to boost your own, and your family's, immune function. No more guess work!

You will have access to the kingdom of tried and true remedies, essential oils, trace elements, homeopathic remedies, salves, supplements and whole foods that a Natural Doc has used with her own family for over the last 20 years. These are also the same remedies that she recommends regularly to her international patients.

Whether you're just making your first forays into the realm or you're as savvy as a naturotherapist, this book will be valued as a remarkable find. All of the products mentioned in these page are also easily accessible in your local health food store, some grocery stores in the healthy food section or from virtual stores on the Internet.

Closing Quote
Dear ,

Do you have a pet that you’re concerned about? A cat whose fur keeps matting? A dog who just doesn’t have the energy that she used to? Is Lyme disease a concern this summer as your pet keeps coming back into the house with tick bites? Maybe you live on a farm and your horse is favoring one leg. Or you’re looking for a more natural dewormer than the chemical one. Did you know that a raw diet is largely more preferable to kibble for both your cats and dogs?

These are real life scenarios and nutrition issues that we’ve been treating in animals for the last fifteen years. We have been so busy with animals in our practice that we decided to ask our colleague, Lauri Germain, Heilkunst Veterinary Practitioner, to come on board at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, to help us out with the volume of animal cases we’ve been treating.

Most people don’t realize that animals are suffering more from iatrogenic diseases than almost any other species on the planet. Did you know that the drugs used for them are generally prescribed at the same potency for a Great Dane as also for a Chihuahua? The incidence of cancer and diabetes has exponentially increased over the last two decades in our pets, and we’re here to help treat the root cause without causing any further harm - just as we do for the humans we serve. Animals have been treated worldwide with homeopathic principles for over two hundred years.  

You can contact Lauri today at to book your fur-baby into her schedule at your convenience.


Ally and Jeff
Pets prefer a simple life. But because they live with busy, complex humans, animals can be sensitive to the dynamics happening in the household. Some pets will try to hide that they are stressed, even take shelter under stairs or escape to a closet till the coast is clear. Others might be anxious or act out by presenting a destructive behavior such as chewing on their paws, a rug, shoes, the wall... just about anything to channel their anxiety or attract attention. Pacing, cowering, excessive barking, aggression, or repetitive actions such as excessive licking are other signs of stress.

What are some ways we can protect our pets from the negative effects of stress and people drama?
  1. Please do not talk loudly, throw things, or yell around your pet.
  2. Be mindful of your own demeanor and body language.
  3. If you need a time out by yourself, calmly reassure your pet that you will be back soon.
  4. Keep regular mealtimes and promote a peaceful atmosphere.
  5. Never tease or provoke your pet in any way.
  6. Be a calming influence and speak with a reassuring tone of voice.

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