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January 2022
Milestone Achieved: Public Drop-off Sites Now Cover all 58 California Counties
As part of CARE’s efforts to increase carpet collection for recycling across the state, CARE is pleased to announce its latest public carpet recycling drop-off sites:
With this achievement, a long-term goal of the Stewardship Program’s Plan has been reached: Establishing a minimum of one public drop-off site in all 58 counties.

CARE supports drop-off sites by providing at no cost:
  • A container for collection,
  • Third-party hauling to bring carpet material to recyclers,
  • Promotional materials for local government and the hosting facility,
  • Technical assistance from CARE staff and
  • Ready access to micro grants that support site set-up and collection equipment/infrastructure.

To find the CARE-sponsored drop-off site closest to you, visit the drop-off site map here. If there is a location, such as a supply house, landfill, transfer station, or recycling facility that you feel would work well as a drop-off site for you and other flooring professionals near you, please email CARE with the facility's name and location. A CARE staff person will call you to discuss your volume, learn more about flooring professionals’ needs in your area and work toward finding a solution.
In addition to public drop-off sites, CARE works with the recyclers who operate more than 197 private network collection sites around the state.
New Cycle of Micro Grants Now Open
CARE has opened a new cycle of its Micro Grants Program for Collection/Reuse, with the goal to promote the additional collection and reuse of California post-consumer carpet (PCC). Cycle 5M funds will be awarded for infrastructure projects and/or purchase of equipment that supports the operational logistics of properly collecting and/or reusing California PCC under a new or established program. This program focuses exclusively on new collection; funds may not be used for material currently being collected. This Cycle has allocated $100,000 in funding; maximum grant award is $15,000.
Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a continuous basis through 2022 until funds are exhausted.
See the 5M solicitation and application on the CARE Grants webpage for complete details on eligibility, project requirements and schedule.
REMINDER: Differential Assessments Take Effect on April 1, 2022
CARE’s differential assessment plan, which CalRecycle has conditionally approved, will take effect on April 1, 2022. The differential assessment is based on two factors: material type -- broadloom vs. tile -- and the percent of post-consumer (PC) content in new carpet. The Plan has four levels of assessment:
  • Broadloom, <10% PC content: $.35 per square yard
  • Broadloom, > or = 10% PC content: $.33 per square yard
  • Carpet Tile, <10% PC content: $.50 per square yard
  • Carpet Tile, > or =10% PC content: $.48 per square yard
Carpet retailers in the state have been alerted by mail and email and are advised to begin planning immediately for the point-of-purchase changes needed to correctly assign the assessment and collect it from customers. Carpet mills will be responsible for advising retailers on which products qualify as having greater than 10 percent post-consumer material. CARE will supply point-of-purchase material as well as training support materials for sales staff along with additional outreach in the coming weeks.

See CARE’s Differential Assessments webpage for details and an introductory video.

CalRecycle reviewed CARE's plan amendment and found that CARE did not adequately address CalRecycle's conditions for approval. CARE is required to resubmit its plan amendment by February 21, 2022, to address the issues specified in CalRecycle's December 22, 2021, Request for Approval. This does NOT change the April 1, 2022 implementation date for differential assessments. 

Retailers are urged to visit the CARE website for the latest developments.
Retailer Reminder: CalRecycle Checks for Compliance
CalRecycle provides enforcement oversight of the carpet law. CalRecycle evaluates compliance through various means including, but not limited to, site inspections. Failure to comply with requirements of the carpet law and/or submitting false or misleading information may result in penalties of up to $10,000 per day. See details about the carpet stewardship law and monitor CalRecycle’s website for product compliance at Through the CARE retailer outreach program, CARE helps to make retailers aware of the requirements and be prepared for a visit.
As a reminder, CalRecycle requires:
  • All invoices must have the assessment clearly and correctly labeled as a separate line item.
  • Retailers must purchase carpet from carpet manufacturers in compliance with the carpet stewardship law. See the list on the CalRecycle website here.
  • Retailers are required by law to monitor CalRecycle’s website to determine if the sale of a manufacturer’s carpet is in compliance with the carpet stewardship law.
  • Retailers must retain records for three fiscal years.
CalRecycle Issues Finding on CARE 2020 Results
After reviewing the 2020 CARE Annual Report, CalRecycle issued a finding that CARE did not achieve the statutory 24 percent recycling rate and also did not achieve several required goals within the approved 2018 - 2022 Plan.

CARE Executive Director Bob Peoples noted, “We are disappointed that CalRecycle made this finding. The California Program has shown tremendous progress in recycling efficiency, recycling rate and drop-off site convenience in the past 6 years, and our COVID Action Plan has provided essential support to the industry in its time of need. We look forward to showing continued progress and hope that CalRecycle will recognize it accordingly.”
CalRecycle Workshop Informs Next Five-Year Plan
On December 16, CalRecycle conducted a workshop to get public input on goals for CARE’s upcoming Five Year Plan, to cover 2023–2027. The presentation can be viewed here. CARE intends to submit additional public comment the week of January 24th. 
Save the Date: 20th Annual Conference Set for May 3–4 in Minneapolis
CARE’s annual conference, the organization’s 20th, is scheduled for May 3– 4 at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center in downtown Minneapolis. Mark your calendar and plan to attend for the opportunity to gain insights on new products and tech, lessons from the field, research insights and updates on industry trends.

More information and a registration link will be sent shortly.