There is much news to take in with this First Quarter edition, and the RReNews Clan hopes you will take the time to scan through and read a good share of the posts. As always, we encourage those of you reading this on a tablet or computer to click the "View as a Web Page" link at the top of each edition.
"I'd be happy if you just kept the website current and didn't send out a RReNews," was one communique received this January (and heard from others before). Did you know about the ComeRoadRallyWith.Us? We've been posting contributions as they come in, yet this is the first edition of RReNews for 2022, and it covers the first Quarter. We are confident that future monthly editions (we strive for no more than two per month), will be more of a quick read than a 45+-minute read! We were delighted with the response from Rallymasters, in this new year, to send in their event wrap-ups with stories, standings, and those hard-to-get "rally photos," as they enjoy reading others’ adventures, too! We hope all of you will follow their lead, as well as let us know of rallies in your area.
We have kept the layout order with event news and how-tos, followed by upcoming events and then Words from the Wheel, which covers news items from the Sports Car Club of America. The 1969 Jersey Devil is the Smuncher’s Attic column for this edition, and it harkens back to the heyday of our sport. We do want to be sure you note the Thursday, April 21st, Quarterly Zoom with Rich Bireta speaking on the Richta GPS “family” of apps and Peter Schneider sharing the ease of Trek rallies, which his Northern New Jersey has been quite successful in sanctioning!
It is difficult to keep up with the daylight this time of year! Our sunsets are already at 925P and as one who has been accustomed to working in the dark of winter, it takes a while to adjust to this change each Spring. Across North America, we are seeing more community events and fundraisers with road rallies as the means to attract attendance to their causes. More clubs are getting them back on their schedules and the revival of our sport continues! We hope you'll choose to be a part of our 10th year and be a part of this rally community that shares how-tos, posts up upcoming and post-event write-ups about their rallies, and strives to reach the road rally community across North America.
As we begin our tenth year, and while there are many who have made contributions to our “pages” over the years, I want to acknowledge the following framily who have been supporters in both the fun and the challenging times: Bill Demming, Gail Engblom, Bruce Gezon, Rich Bireta, Peter Schneider, Gary Starr, Jeanne English, Lee Hill, Bob Dowie, Mike Thompson, Jay Johannes, and Howard Duncan. And lest I forget – our departed Jim Jurgenson, who always has a reply after each edition!
As always, we welcome your feedback on each edition – be it a critique or a kudo!
Safe travels, Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Clan
As for the photo? That is the “before” photo of Bill Demming and I from a recent rally, attended outside of Alaska! It is always good to get one before the adventure begins…