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Introducing the Winter 2023
CARE Quarterly Magazine!

As we enter a new year, the team at the CARE TA Center is grateful for the tireless efforts of our behavioral health workforce. Under conditions that include political instability, public health crises, natural disasters, and more, burnout and compassion fatigue are pervasive among behavioral health providers. This winter, as you offer frontline services to those in crisis, we offer our thanks. And, in this issue of the CARE Magazine, we also offer strategies for cultivating trauma-informed workplaces capable of supporting those who support others. 
As you read, you will find informative articles that spotlight the need for implementing trauma-informed leadership principles in the workplace. In this vein, articles not only discuss how to identify and address burnout, but also offer practical strategies for implementing workplace wellness programs and other supports.
In this issue:
  • Article: Working Well: Workplace Mental Health, Wellness, Equity and Inclusion 
  • Article: Supporting the Behavioral Health Workforce: Strategies, Best Practices, Tools, Resources  
  • Article: The Need for Trauma-Informed Leadership within Workplaces 
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