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Ideas and tips to get along and get stuff done------------------------August 1, 2022
Like this InfoGraphic?

It explains that group decisions can be made in many ways. In fact, it's best when the method is tailored to the decision at hand.

A huge source of inefficiency in groups is when an overly-complex process is applied to a simple decision, or when a simple process tries to tackle a complex decision.

Here's a cheat sheet on when to apply what method. ----->

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Communication in Action
I'm sharing this Good Group Tip because the comment section includes an interaction with a reader who had a different perspective than I.

As we communicated through replies, it was interesting to see how the simple act of listening and being open to change led to both parties learn something new!

The answer to community conflict? Conversation.

"We live in a world of urgent and potentially existential challenges. There is a crisis-level lack of housing. Democracy is under siege. The effects of climate change are upon us. In any kind of conflict, real movement toward agreement or creativity only happens when people give credence to other people’s stories and values and views – especially when they are different." - Palma Strand, Civity

The Best Arguments

There is this idea that we go into an argument with the objective of winning. But why? Well it’s probably about ego and pride.

But when I look back on the arguments that I’ve had, that’s not what I really cherish.

This video explores what makes a good argument and what types of discussions are the most satisfying.
Want to Have a Better Conversation? Here's 10 tips from Celeste Headlee

In this TEDTalk Celeste Headlee explains the 10 basic rules she's found useful in her experience as a radio talk show host. "All of this boils down to the same basic concept, and it is this one: Be interested in other people."

Some highlights: Number 1: Don't Multitask - Be Present. Number 2: Don't Pontificate - If you want to state your opinion without any opportunity for response or argument or pushback or growth, write a blog. Number 10: Be Brief.

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To Help You Get Along
Written and published by Craig Freshley. Thanks for walking along with me.
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