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Ideas and tips to get along and get stuff done--------------------------July 13, 2022
Happy Summer in Maine!

Some folks have a boat. Some folks have a camp. I have a barn. I spend my vacation money at the lumber yard!

I love it actually. Carpentry is such a nice change of pace for me. A different kind of thinking.

In the first photo is the week-one-crew: Ezra and Porter just starting their summer tans. High school kids from the neighborhood. And Jack is on the ladder.
For me, there is something very grounding about getting stuff done. Stuff you can see. In my work I help groups build agreements but rarely get to see the stuff that happens after. The results. And fractions. Gotta love working....
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Connecting Across Cultures

This LinkedIn article by Jeff O'Dea is pretty interesting.

First, it reminds us how communication styles can be very different across cultures. And is asks us to respect those differences.

"Please don’t just assume that I will respond with a question as soon as you say, “any questions?” It may take me 15-20 seconds (or longer) to organize my question in my head, before I can actually ask it. Are you willing to wait?"

Second, it reminded me of a trip I took to Hawaii and how I was able to learn from someone who was different from me. Check out the video here if interested.

Don't just think stuff.
Do stuff.

People try so hard to think themselves to better actions.

"Next time I'm gonna..."
"What really needs to happen is..."
I have lots of really great solutions.
In my head.

But did you know that you can act yourself to better thinking?

Just do stuff. Pick up whatever is next in front of you and get it done. Get it behind you. Help someone. Do something for yourself. Emphasis: do.

It's remarkable how good actions lead to good thinking. The above Good Group Tip explains the value of bringing your heart and your hands to the project, not just your head.

Leader Humility.
Marilyn Gist explains

"People have hearts. They're whole human beings, they come to the work and every single one is different. And this idea of dignity is really that individual sense of self-worth, what is it that goes into their sense that I'm valuable as a human being? And every human being has and needs a sense of self worth." Humble leaders make room for other human beings shine and grow.
To Help You Get Along
Written and published by Craig Freshley. Thanks for walking along with me.
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