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Dear [Company Name] team member,

Please read this letter all the way through as our mutual future depends on it.

New York’s Climate Action Council recently announced their “scoping plans” under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, or CLCPA. If these plans go forward as proposed, it puts the state on a path to eliminating propane, heating oil, and natural gas as home heating sources in favor of electric heat pumps. While we support efforts to lower carbon emissions, the CAC’s plans to “electrify everything” in New York could prove disastrous.
Speak Up for Your Energy Future
Under the CLCPA plans, homeowners and businesses across New York will face drastic, unnecessary hardships. The wholesale conversion of New York’s housing stock to electric heat pumps, stoves, clothes dryers and water heaters will result in huge customer losses for our industry. It would impose extreme new “Carbon Taxes” that will send energy prices soaring. It could also cripple an electric grid that already has the most power interruptions in the Mid-Atlantic.

NY’s Climate Action Council is accepting public comments on their proposed “scoping plans.” They need to hear the TRUE costs of total electrification and how they will impact businesses like ours.
Help Us to Protect Your Job,
Our Business, and Our State —
Take Action Today!
Our industry is fighting back with a major public advertising campaign to alert people to the dangers of this plan. [Company Name] is contributing to the cause. We are asking you to do your part.

Please take a moment right now to visit, click on the TAKE ACTION button and tell the CAC they’ve gone too far! If enough business owners, employees and homeowners take this simple action, we can put pressure on the CAC to reconsider this disastrous experiment.
Go to and click on the TAKE ACTION button right away. Our collective livelihoods depend on it.


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