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We're writing to ask for your help.

In the state of New Jersey, conversations happening around climate change are very much focused on the state’s Energy Master Plan, or EMP. Unfortunately, the pathway laid out in the EMP will cost homeowners $20,000 or more, and will rob them of important choices.
Speak Up for Your Energy Future
Under the current EMP, heating oil customers and New Jersey residents at large will face significant economic consequences. The EMP will eventually require the wholesale conversion of homes that heat with heating oil, propane or natural gas, to convert to electric heat pumps. This will result in conversion costs that could top out at more than $20,000 per home! And the added strain on our already fragile electric grid could lead to more power outages during the winter, which would be very dangerous for many New Jersey residents. 
Tell Your Legislator NO to the $20,000 Home Heat Tax
Won’t you join us in reaching out to our New Jersey legislators in an effort to shift the direction of the Energy Master Plan? We can achieve clean energy goals in New Jersey without burdening families or forcing whole-house conversions to electric heat.
Our request is very simple. Please take a moment to visit to send a letter to your legislator telling them NO to the $20,000 home heat tax imposed by the Energy Master Plan.
Go to, and click on the TAKE ACTION button to make a difference today! Let’s work together and SPEAK UP for our collective future.

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