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The Third Sunday of Easter
A note about Communion

Beginning Sunday, with the permission of the Bishop of Virginia, we will offer the chalice again during Communion. It has been more than two years since we offered the chalice to the congregation, and while Communion in one kind (the official term of offering only bread or only wine) is a complete sacrament, many have missed the cup, and your clergy have missed offering it. As we return to offering the chalice, we also should revisit how best to receive the wine.

For those wishing to receive the wine, guide the base of the chalice to your lips as the lay eucharistic minister offers you the chalice, tipping it slightly toward your lips, take a sip of wine, then tip chalice back toward the lay eucharistic minister and release your fingers from the base of the chalice. The minister will then move on to the next person in line.

For those wishing to commune but not receive the wine itself, we suggest placing the tip of your finger on the front of the cup as the minister shares the words of administration, then removing your finger at the completion of the sentence. Placing a fingertip on the front of the cup minimizes your surface contact on both the cup and the hands of the minister and is preferable than grabbing the cup or placing your hands around those of the minister.

For those who wish to forego the cup altogether, you may simply walk past the minister at the 9:00 service or remain kneeling at the 11:15 service, crossing your arms across your chest, which will indicate to the minister that you will not consume the wine.

Though popular, intinction, the method of dipping a consecrated host into the chalice, is the least hygienic method of receiving the wine because of fingertips, even whole hands at times, that inadvertently submerge themselves in the wine of the chalice and introduce countless contaminants. Out of pastoral concern, we will not offer intinction during Communion at The Falls Church. 

The Eucharist, that divine and miraculous sharing in the Body and Blood of Christ, defies words of explanation, and Episcopalians place the Eucharist at the center of our identity as Christians gathered around the table. The video attached below, featuring Bishop Michael Curry, is a wonderful exploration of the essence of the Eucharist, and we encourage you to take the eight minutes it requires and watch and listen as he explores the nature of this sacred meal.

We are so very glad to be able to offer the chalice again in worship and assure you that whether you receive only the bread or receive both the bread and the cup, you are participating fully in the sacrament of Eucharist. We will remind both services during announcements about how we will offer communion and invite any questions you have by email or in person. Thank you for your patience as we and congregations across the globe have come through these last two years waiting for the return of the wine of Communion.

The 9:00 a.m. service premieres on YouTube at 8:45 a.m. and remains available afterwards. If you are worshiping virtually, you may follow along with the service bulletin. See the Week-at-a-Glance below for the complete Sunday schedule.

Preaching on Sunday 1st May: The Rector
Following on from our adult and youth formation session led by Lia Gauthier, John & Fr. Matthew last Sunday (24th), here is the link to Lia's non-profit which she mentioned in the session.
No doubt we have all been horrified by the unfolding crisis in Ukraine. While we have prayed, discussed and expressed our concerns and hope for peace and resolution, all of which are important, many of us are still trying to understand what we can do in terms of direct help to the families fleeing the violence and destruction right now.
Food, clothing, medical supplies and more are desperately needed, but with borders occupied and ceasefires ignored, how can we help?
Episcopal Relief & Development are working with Episcopal aid agencies from around the world to provide critical assistance to support Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Poland such as food, shelter, water and basic supplies.

Donations to Episcopal Relief & Development’s Ukraine Crisis Response Fund will help the organization and its partners continue to provide assistance to people displaced by the crisis in Ukraine.
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