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Christmas, The Feast of the Incarnation
Promises fulfilled

I preached two weeks ago about the importance of Advent, the paring down, the quieting of our minds, the stilling of our frenetic paces, and it has been my hope that in some way each of us has been able to do that. And even if not, then perhaps slow down enough to do some spiritual preparation before Christmas itself gets here. Because Saturday it’s here.

But what exactly is here?

What’s here is the miracle of the Incarnation, of God coming among us, of God’s act of generative, unmerited, and limitless love to join with the human condition and to be us and everything that being human means. Christmas is earth joining heaven and heaven joining earth, when humankind and God are brought together, in flesh: God in man made manifest, as the hymnist writes.

Christmas is God breaking into the world, not in majesty and splendor, in the incomprehensible glory of an omnipotent deity, but rather in the form of a baby, vulnerable and beautiful, born in a lowly stable in a forgotten corner of the world to forgettable people. Christmas is the unexpected; Christmas is the turning over of everything we know; Christmas is light and love amidst the darkness. Christmas is, as the poet Richard Wilbur writes, when “…the low is lifted high; The stars shall bend their voices, and every stone shall cry. And every stone shall cry, in praises of the child, by whose descent among us, the world is reconciled.”

As these magical Twelve Days begin, may you know the peace and light and love that is Jesus of Bethlehem.

To read Father Burl's article in this week's edition of The Falls Church News Press, pick up a copy or read it online here.
There will be no livestreamed services until the Second Sunday after Christmas, this is because the 4.30pm Christmas Eve Service includes a performance by the Falls Church Children and we want to protect their privacy. All other Christmas Services are taking place in the Historic Church and we are unable to livestream from this space due to sound and lighting constraints. We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause but commend the National Cathedrals Livestreamed services, which can be found here.
Parking for Christmas Eve services, December 24th

We will have use of the following parking lots:

Go Scramble (E. Fairfax Street): parking available beginning at 3:30 p.m.

George Mason Square (enter from W. Broad Street or S. Washington Street): parking available beginning at 3:30 p.m. (please do not park before 3:30)

E. Broad Street (directly across from The Falls Church –next to the Applebee’s building) parking available beginning at 3:30 p.m.
Parish Visioning Exercise
As we look forward to where God is calling The Falls Church, the vestry has begun a visioning process for the church’s ministry and direction during next five and ten years. The next step in this process is to ask the very same of the parish as a whole.

During adult formation (between the morning services) on 2 January, Fr. Burl will lead visioning exercises as we discern where God is calling us to be and what God is calling us to do in this very specific time and place. Please begin to pray about these questions and join us for this exercise in January. 
For those unable to attend between services, Fr. Burl will host a single, longer session after the 11:15 service on 2 January as well. For those unable to attend any session in person, Fr. Burl will host a Zoom session at 7:00PM on 4 January.

Children and young people are strongly encouraged to join these sessions.
There is no youth formation until January 9th

Youth confirmation class is beginning on January 9th. Anyone in or above 8th grade is welcome to participate in the class that will take place weekly from 4:30-5:30 pm in Nicolson Hall. You can find a registration form here. If you are in need of more information, please contact John Wunderlich
Children's Formation
We can't wait to see you Christmas Eve!
TFCE Week-at-a-Glance
For activities December 26 - January 2, click here
Parish Prayer List
Please use the Prayer List in your prayers for each other and the world. 
Praying for each other and the needs of the world is a powerful way to love our neighbors as ourselves! THIS WEEK’S PRAYER LIST
Parish News & Updates
Organ Repair Upate

We have raised $47,235 to date, which includes the $10,000 match from an anonymous donor. We are closing in on our goal of $55,000! While the organ can be played during worship, there are still additonal repairs needed. If you have any further questions, contact me at

Julie Huang Tucker, Music Director
Ways to Give
Please mail your check to:
115 E. Fairfax Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
Donate safely and securely through our website. 
Text “TFCE” and the amount to 73256. 

If you have questions about Realm or eGiving, please contact
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