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Volume 9 July: 2021

Be kind...
  1. Future distributions
  2. Our impact
  3. A little act of kindness
  4. News
  5. Praise and Press
  6. COVID Corner
  7. Thank You Corner
  8. Wish List
  9. JAB Families who have Donated Annually
  10. Sponsors
  11. In-Kind Donors
Future Distributions
Every Monday we continue giving groceries to at least 600 families from 11:30-4pm until supplies last.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send us an email to:
Our Impact
A little act of kindness
Last year has been a tough year for many of us.
Some of us have lost loved ones, others have lost their job and security.
Kids have had to learn remotely and did not see their friends.
The good news is it seems we are finally turning the corner !

So, let's help each other by doing a small act of kindness.
I am a firm believer that a little act of kindness has ripple effect and can change the world.
I invite you to be inspired this week and do something good around you. Help an older person with their groceries, talk to a stranger in the street, teach someone something that will help them....
The idea is to help someone without expecting anything in return.
Believe me, when you do that with an open heart, your actions will have a ripple effect. The person you will help, will probably do the same to someone else and it will be the start of a beautiful chain.
Remember, this is how Joshua's Heart Foundation started, with a small act of kindness and look where we are today thanks to all of you !
I invite you to watch this beautiful serie called "My kindness Diaries".
Just remember, the church of Notre Dame in Paris was build by the Parisians themselves, one stone at the time. Yes, it took 200 years to be built, but look at what can be done if we all contribute to a common cause !
Check out these latest videos:

Drive-by distributions at Miami Baptist Church. We fed 600 families.

Joshua's interview
Hero, a thousand faces

Praise and Press

JAB 2021 Graduate Arianna Unda dropped off hope boxes made by JAB graduates Analusia Furiati, Sydnie Costa, and herself to the Family Reunification Center at the Surfside Community Center. Our prayers are with all the families affected by this tragedy. Thank you to all the first responders who are putting their lives in risk in order to help others!🤍

Accomplishments of the year !
COVID Corner
Help fight the transmission of Covid 19 within the Community

To prevent infection and transmission of COVID-19, our volunteers and Staff at Joshua's Heart continue to do the following:
  • Wash our hands regularly with soap and water, or clean them with hand sanitizer
  • Wear a mask during our distributions or around others
  • Respect the 6 feet social distancing
Vaccine updates:
  • Minors 16 and 17 years of age may receive the Pfizer vaccine but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to the vaccination site
Thank You Corner


Joshua’s Heart Foundation is in need of financial donations to continue our mission! Please ask your friends and family to donate. You can donate on our website:

Or you can donate with Amazon Smiles! A percentage of your Amazon smile purchase will go directly to Joshua's Heart Foundation. AmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon gives
Thank you to those who support us via Amazon smile. We got 38.11$ this month.

Thank you to our Donors, Sponsors & Partners
The 8th annual Kare Food Drive was a great success! The Kare Food Drive was first thought by JAB member Krystal Tome during recess time in 5th grade.
This year Krystal had the support of her teacher, Ms. Chiodi, and the Student Government Association at her school, Aventura Charter. With their help and support she was able to do a fantastic Kare campaign collecting over 250 pounds of food.
Great Job Krystal !!!

Walmart donated $5000 to Joshua's Heart. We are incredibly appreciative and grateful for their support.
Thank you Walmart !
The money donated will go yo our purchase:

  • 2 refrigerators (click to see)
  • a fork lift
  • an electric pallet jack
  • groceries and supplies for our future mobile distributions
  • pay for our rent and light expenses

Due to Covid, we have lost a few of our donors who assisted with rent and utilities. We are looking for 6 people / Companies to commit to assist us once, twice or as much as they can towards our monthly expenses. We need 2,500$ - 3,000$ monthly to cover our rent and light.
Donors - JAB Families
JAB Families who have donated 2,000$ or more annually:

  • Angel, Fara, Thalia & Chaz Casto
  • David, Susan & Mary Woolsey
  • Jose, Cecilia, Ceci & Carlota Sosa
  • Kevin, Judy, Josh & David Abrams
  • Howard, Stephanie, Julia & Charlotte Krass

Jab Families who have fundraised 1,500$ or more annually:

  • David, Cindy, Colin & Mathew Wanles
  • Eric, Isis, Emily & Amanda Sanudo
  • Tatiana, Sophia, Sydnie & Nino Costa
Sponsors & Partners 

Leslie L. Alexander Foundation
Stephanie & Howard Krass Family
Uppalauri Family
Peggy McLean
Paul & Beatrix Hicks Foundation 

In-Kind Donors

Nathalie Kusmierek, Alumni Parent, Editor in Chief
Sophia Costa-Martinez, Asst. Editor