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Summer has barely begun, and we are already in awe of our volunteers and staff! We believe that success starts when leadership leads, and that’s exactly what Courtney and Emily Simmons, board members for ACE, did to get our season going. The Simmons brought their...
iQuest has proven to be one of the best leadership programs ACE has to offer young adults looking for a 75-day life-changing opportunity. Over the years, ACE has seen incredible young adults invest their summer in Jamaica. They learn how to grow and serve in a different culture than their own and to stretch their physical strength...
Farming is not an easy business to be involved with in Jamaica, especially if you are trying to raise a herd of beef cattle and grow a business so more Jamaicans can earn and help their families. ACE and Green Life Farms are not exempt from struggle, no matter how lofty our goals..
Change adds up!
We appreciate the video our friend made for us a few years ago asking you to round up your change via your credit card. Well, now that ACE has made it through COVID years, we are asking you to consider once again to give us your change, especially if you can’t physically come down right now.
Just go to our website ( and click Be A Changemaker and then Get Started Now. It should walk you through the process of setting up an account. Putting in the credit or debit card you use most, the round-up amount on every purchase will be donated to support ACE!
We’ve noticed a lot of companies are seeking your change, but, by becoming an ACE Changemaker, you can always follow up on how ACE uses your change by coming down to Jamaica to see for yourself. We are literally changing lives and transforming communities!

Answered Prayers & Prayer Requests

ANSWERED PRAYER ACE has new videos showcasing our ministry! Check them out on our website and feel free to share them!!
PRAYER REQUEST We need security for our cattle. As we mention in our newsletter, our prize bull was slaughtered in the field and taken off. Security is very expensive and we are struggling to decide what to do.
ANSWERED PRAYER Looking forward to our July teams coming to facilitate VBS! We will be holding VBS in all four school areas and Green Life Llanrumney Farms. We are indeed excited to see our children and our volunteers!

PRAYER REQUEST Our monthly bills including food have been the highest since we started ACE 34 years ago. The old saying is when the US sneezes, Jamaica catches the cold. Well, we have the sniffles and sore throat to say the least. Pray for all of us to be diligent with our funds and turn the lights off.

ANSWERED PRAYER As a result of our prayers for operating expense help, some generous partners of ACE sent treasure to us to help us make our bills this month. Thank you for that extra financial injection. Your generosity is amazing!

PRAYER REQUEST The calendar is filling up slowly, but we are not at our previous numbers quite yet! We are grateful for those who have made their way down, despite hurdles, and we pray that old and new volunteers will feel comfortable and financially able to serve with us soon. We are also planning a site trip in the fall for those leaders who want to see what God is up to here in St. Mary, and we are praying for many to join us!

ANSWERED PRAYER Marla and Allen had the opportunity to get to the States recently to see old friends of ACE and meet new friends who are unaware of what ACE has been doing for decades. It’s been such a refresher for them to visit with long-time supporters and ACE family after years of only hearing their voices or reading text online. We feel energized!
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