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I don’t know about you, but these days I take any chance I get to escape… mentally escape that is. It often takes the form of dreaming of adventures to far away places. Today I’m going to bring you with me on a trip to the British Isles where we will "swoon" at the beauty. Then we'll travel back in time to the days of William Morris and say, “that can’t be”. Finally, because no adventure is complete without it, we’ll head to the beach for a celebratory drink!

For today’s adventure, you won’t need a PCR test, don’t bother packing your masks and to heck with physical distancing! We’ll stand shoulder to shoulder and marvel at the beauty around us!
Regency Somerset Blues
Regency Somerset Blues is the latest collection inspired by Moda Designer Christopher Wilson-Tate’s travels through the British Isles, and the spectacular antique quilts he found. Based on fabrics from two antique quilts from west of England, the prints date to the late 18th Century, and are named for towns and places in Somerset.

Wellington, a French, medium-small all-over floral dating to 1790, is beautifully complimented by Glastonbury, a medium-scale floral with birds from India, circa 1770-1780. Coloured in Parma Gray, India Yellow, Midnight Blue and Shadow White, Somerset Blues is traditional and timeless.
We have the, almost complete, Regency Somerset Blues collection with 27 of 30 pieces. The missing pieces seem to have gone on an adventure of their own and didn't make it across the ocean to us.

Precuts Available! Absolutely beautiful 20-piece Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles, as well as Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Squares are available. I'm not a yellow person but my goodness I'm tempted to bring this collection home. If I'm honest, it's because of the yellow that I'm drawn to it!
While You're Browsing... Scroll through the Somerset Blues collections and you will find fabrics from previous Regency collections that have been marked down to make way for this new collection. There's more than one piece that will coordinate nicely with the Somerset Collection.
Get Ready to Swoon!

This collection is reminiscent of an era when it was common for ladies to swoon. If I were so inclined, I might indeed become overwhelmed by the beauty of the next two kits!
You won't be feeling the blues, when your Somerset Blues collection is made into the Swoon 16 pattern from Thimble Blossoms and Camille Roskelley.

Kits Available!

Finished Size: 74" x 74"

Kit Includes: Pattern, all fabric for the quilt top and binding. Backing is NOT included.

Regular Price: $196.99
Who needs Prince Charming? The Country Charm table runner, by Pattern Basket, in Somerset Blues is more than charming enough!

Kits Available!

Finished Sized: 19' x 53"

Kit Includes: Pattern, all fabric for the table runner top and binding. Backing is NOT included.

Regular Price: $44.99
The Best of Morris
The Best of Morris 2021 returns to William Morris’s garden for inspiration. Seven graceful prints feature florals and leafy branches, plus his affectionate look at the birds and rabbits who shared the garden. This collection includes long-time favourites from the expert at translating nature to cloth, coloured with subtle shades that echo the natural dyes so important to Morris’s Arts and Crafts vision.
This beautiful reproduction fabric line curated by Barbara Brackman is perfect for a wide range of projects.
Who is Barbara Brackman?

The William Morris legacy is in good hands with Barbara. Barbara is a quilter, quilt historian, author, designer and source of inspiration. In fact, she literally wrote the encyclopedia of quilting, “Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns”. Originally published in 1993, and now onto its third edition, the book indexes more than 4,000 pieced patterns. Barbara was inducted to the Quilters Hall of Fame in 2001.

Precuts Available! The complete Best of Morris collection is available in 30-piece Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth Bundles, as well as Layer Cakes and Charm Packs. They are available in-store and online.
No, Your Eyes Aren't Deceiving You!

We have come up with a few ideas to inspire you to bring the Best of Morris collection home with you.
Can't Be a Nine Patch is a Quilters Cupboard original pattern. With the Best of Morris collection, this quilt takes on a whole new level of sophistication.

Kits Available!

Finished Size: 64.5" x 77"

Kit Includes: Pattern, all fabric for the quilt top and binding. Backing is NOT included.

Regular Price: $125.99
The Best of Morris table runner is a FREE pattern from Moda Fabrics that was designed specifically for William Morris fabrics. We've updated it with this new Best of Morris collection.

Kits Available!

Finished Sized: 18" x 36"

Kit Includes: Pattern, all fabric for the table runner top and binding. Backing is NOT included.

Regular Price: $39.99
Free Moda Patterns!

Barbara Brackman designed a Layer Cake friendly pattern with William Morris fabrics in mind. You can find the FREE William Morris Modernized pattern by clicking here.

The FREE Charm Pack friendly William Morris table runner pattern (featured in our kit above) is available by clicking here.
Cotton Beach - Pre-Order Now!
In my mind, there’s no problem that can’t be solved without a trip to the beach! Seeing as I can’t get to a beach right now, I have to get creative with my problem solving. Lucky for me, Tilda has the exact solution I'm looking for with her latest collection, Cotton Beach.
Get ready to head to the beach!

Cotton Beach is the perfect name for coastal cotton fabric collection. Shells, coral reefs and sea anemones are some of the motifs that inspired the mixed style designs. Colours vary from purples to dark and light corals, sandy greys, light and green teals and blues, and yellows to represent sunshine.

Confirmed!! Fabric Is in Canada and Will Be Available for February Release!

Tilda fabrics are always kept under wraps until an official launch date. Cotton Beach will be available in-stores on February 1st. We are VERY EXCITED that the Cotton Beach collection is on Canadian soil and WILL be available for the February release. Given the ongoing supply chain issues, this is definitely worth celebrating with a beachy cocktail!
Pre-Order Your Bundles Now!

With confirmation that the fabrics are in Canada, we are now taking pre-orders for the Cotton Beach fabric bundles. This includes the complete Cotton Beach collection as well at the Beach Shell Blenders that are sold separately.

Bundles Are Available as Follows:

Complete Collection (excludes Beach Shell Blenders) is available in 20-piece Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth Bundles as well as 2.5" Fabric Rolls and 5" squares.

Fat Quarter Colourway Bundles contain FIVE fat quarters from the four different colourways in the collection - Coral, Ocean, Seamist and Sunbeam.

Beach Shell Fat Quarter Bundles contain all FIVE Beach Shell blenders including blue, coral, grey, honey and teal.
Note - Fabric Released February 1st. We are prohibited from releasing the Cotton Beach collection prior to February 1st. Pre-ordered bundles cannot be picked and/or shipped prior to that date.
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