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Goodbye Summer Event

Fall Classes

Hello Kim,

With the kids back in school, this week I was able to return to putting kilometers on my walking shoes instead of kilometers on the car driving to summer camps. What a welcome relief. I had the birds to keep me company and I couldn’t help but notice the signs of the change of season ahead. This week’s email reflects those walks. I’m going to limit my writing because these walks were a gentle reminder, I have lots more great outdoors to enjoy before the flurries arrive, the jolly season starts, and I feel the need for a great blue escape!

New Fabric Arrival - Avalon

Avalon is a strikingly peaceful collection with pretty little birds and sweet magnolia blossoms from Northcott Designer Sumit Gill. Sumit is always thinking of the next artwork to paint or food to eat. She's had a love for colours since she was a child which led to her being professionally trained in a variety of mixed media and digital art techniques.

Available Now!

The complete Avalon collection, including a digital panel and border print, is available in-store and online now. A 14-piece fat quarter bundle is also available. 

SHOP NOW! Avalon

Kits Available!

The digital panel from the Avalon collection is featured in two different kits. 

Somerset Tapestry Kits

The Somerset Tapestry quilt by Patchwork Studios brings the birds and magnolias of the Avalon collection into view with a large wall quilt or bed quilt. Kits are available in two different sizes and contain everything you need to make the quilt top, including the binding. Backing is not included.

Pattern Available!

The Somerset Tapestry pattern is available for individual purchase.

SHOP NOW! Somerset Tapestry

Paradise Window Kit

Take a look through the Paradise Window and see beauty that lies outside. This kit is based on a pattern by Ladeebug Design.

SHOP NOW! Paradise Window

New Arrival - Windswept

Prepare to be swept away by the beauty of the new Stonehenge collection, Windswept by Linda Ludovico. This collection of 10 amber fabrics is stamped with falling leaves, tree branches and a closer look at leaf veining.

Available Now!

The complete Windswept collection, including a digital panel and 108” wideback, is available in-store and online now. 

SHOP NOW! Windswept

Kits Available!

Just like Avalon, the digital panel from the Windswept collection is featured in two very different quilts. 

November Night Kit

Can’t you see the leaves whipping through the trees, carried by a November wind? This kit features the November Night pattern by Phoebe Moon Designs and includes everything you need to make the quilt top, including the binding. 

SHOP NOW! November Night

Windblown Kit

Hold onto your hat lest it be blown away by the Windblow kit based on the pattern by Patti’s Patchwork.

SHOP NOW! Windblown

Don’t Forget the Backing!

This collection includes a 108” wide back fabric, making it even easier to pick up everything you need to make these quilts!

SHOP NOW! Windswept

Kit Available!

With the leaves starting to turn colours in Uxbridge, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to share the new Wood Lily table topper kit featuring the Cozy Up collection from Corey Yoder. This collection offers a brighter fall colour palette for those of you who might not be ready for the heavy fall palette of Windswept. 

SHOP NOW! Wood Lily Table Topper

New Fabric Arrival – Winter Flurries

As winter begins to set in, and the air is brisk and cold, our world takes on a frosty look in shades of blue and grey. Even the light changes as the sky has a different cast from previous seasons. As the filtered sun hits the tips of branches, it turns the frost into a sparkling blue and when snow begins to swirl, the only visible colours are the evergreens, and the red berries left on the bare branches of bushes. Thus, the inspiration for Winter Flurries, the latest collection from Holly Taylor and Moda Fabrics. 

Complete Collection and Precuts Available!

Winter Flurries is a 30-piece collection that also has a panel with a series of smaller blocks. Precuts are available as follows:

  • 30-piece fat quarter and fat eighth bundles

  • 42-piece layer cakes and charm packs.

Note: The panel is not included in any of the precut bundles. 

SHOP NOW! Winter Flurries

Kits Available!

Disappearing Four Patch Quilt

You might want to make the flurries disappear, but you won't want to make this quilt disappear! This quilt features the Disappearing Four Patch pattern, a Quilters Cupboard original. 

SHOP NOW! Disappearing Four Patch

Winter Flurry Table Runner Kits

We were in such a flurry over this fabric collection and this pattern that we couldn’t decide which combination we liked best.

Do you like blue and red? 

Or does the green and red combination take the prize?

You get the final vote!

These table runner kits include everything you need to make the top of the table runner including the binding. Backing is not included.

SHOP NOW! Winter Flurry Table Runner

Book Available!

Tabletastic! 3 is the third and final issue of a trio of table runner and topper books by Doug Leko and Antler Quilt Designs. This new book includes 20 new table runner and topper patterns. Each project is shown in 2 colourways and they are great for using up your precuts & scraps! 

SHOP NOW! Tabletastic 3

Class Available!

Leianne got right to work making the Portsmouth table runner with the Winter Flurries collection and was so excited she decided to offer it as a class.


Do you already own a Tucker Trimmer and Wing Clipper from Studio 180? Are you wondering how to put them to use for other projects but you're just not sure how?

With the help of Leianne, you will learn how use your Tucker Trimmer and Wing Clipper tools to make the Portsmouth runner with more precision and less stress. With the skills you learn in this class, you'll have more confidence to adapt other patterns and make better use of your Studio 180 tools. After all, if you're going to invest in tools, you want to make sure you can use them to their fullest potential.

Date: Thursday, September 28th (9:30 - 4:00)

Book Required: Tabletastic 3

Ruler Required: Tucker Trimmer and Wing Clipper from Studio 180

Cost: $58

REGISTER NOW! Portsmouth Class

Jolly Season is Around the Corner!

As much as I hate to even think about it, the “Jolly Season” is right around the corner. But for right now we’re keeping it light and… well… jolly!

With a little bit of pixie dust this Pixie Noel quilt comes together much easier than you think.

Kits Available!

The Pixie Noel cheater print panel is used for the star blocks, so you won’t need any Studio 180 tools for precision and you won’t need to stress. You will use the Jolly Star Basics to frame the star blocks and you’re on your way!

What a fun way to brighten up a winter day.

SHOP NOW! Jolly Quilt

Teaser Alert... Blue Escape!

Do you know how long a fabric shipment takes to cross the country right now? The answer would probably leave you feeling a little blue and in need of an escape!

Blue Escape, the new collection from Laundry Basket Quilts, has FINALLY arrived in the store but it was too late for us to work any magic with it. Can you guess what next week’s email will be about?

Can’t wait that long? Blue Escape is available for ordering now but please know it won't be available in-store until later next week.

SHOP NOW! Blue Escape

Save the Date - Lake Loop Shop Hop!

Join us for a Lake Loop Shop Hop later this month. Visit some wonderful quilt shops and enjoy some fall colours along the way.

LEARN MORE! Lake Loop Shop Hop

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