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It’s the third weekend in May, wedged in between Mother’s Day and the Victoria Day Long weekend. Thankfully the sun has been shining and the weather has been heating up. When it comes to gardening however, the conventional wisdom cautions us against getting too ambitious with our planting. Experts suggest we wait one more week before officially heading to the garden centres for our annuals and planters. We’re caught in that crazy “all warmed up and not allowed to plant” time period.

That’s kind of how we feel right now. Although in our case, we’re "warmed up" and eager to welcome some amazing new fabric collections to the store but the fabrics are not quite ready for us yet (or the shippers aren't). While we wait, we’ve started to go a little stir crazy. Rather than worry about things beyond our control, this week we turned out attention to an often-overlooked area, the Batik Section. While Leianne has long been ‘crazy in love’ with batiks, we don’t always give them the full attention they deserve in our emails. In fact, some collections have snuck in without any attention at all.

It's time to change all that and go a little crazy, in the best, most positive kind of way. It’s time to express our love for batiks proudly and have a little bit of fun along the way. It’s time to go… 
Let's Go CRAZY for Batiks!
May Long Weekend Shopping Update

Quilters Cupboard will be CLOSED to in-store shopping on Saturday, May 21st
CRAZY for Neutral Batiks
Finding the right neutral batik for a project can be a nerve-racking experience. Lucky for us a new shipment of Island Batik Neutrals has just arrived. Whether you're looking for something to warm up or cool down a project, hopefully you'll find what you're looking for.
Fabric and Bundles Available Now!
Island Batik Neutrals are a great foundation item to add to your collection. There are Cream (Warm) ones as well as White (Cool) ones.

Cream (Warm) neutrals include:

  • Batter
  • Buttermilk
  • Custard
  • Doughnut
  • Vanilla

White (Cool) neutrals include:

  • Coconut
  • Milkshake
  • Rice
  • Almond
  • Whip Cream

Island Batik Neutrals are available in-store and online. They are also available as 5-piece half-metre and fat quarter bundles. This is a great way to add to your stash so that you're ready for your next project.
CRAZY for Bellingham Bay!
We didn't exactly keep our love of the Bellingham Bay collection a secret when it arrived a few months ago. At the time we were more focused on showing it off as part of the Fair Isle Block of the Month program. The response to that program has been overwhelming, to say the least!
Bellingham Bay fabrics and precut bundles including 21-piece Fat Eighth bundles, layer cakes and charm packs are available now.
Kits Available!

This week we wanted to take the time to showcase this great collection in something other than the Fair Isle quilt. There's no question that Fair Isle is a beautiful quilt, but not everyone wants to take on a 12-month Block of the Month program. Perhaps you would to enjoy this beautiful collection in a simpler way.
French Braid Quilt

This French Braid quilt is based on a 2.5" strip friendly pattern by Robert Kaufman. It looks absolutely stunning in the Bellingham Bay fabrics.
Finished Size: 58" x 74"
Kit Includes: Pattern, all fabric for the quilt top including the binding. Backing is NOT included.
Regular Price: $127.99
Scrappy Trails Table Runner

The Scrappy Trails table runner by Piece Tree Design is a great way to introduce a little bit of Bellingham Bay to your décor. This pattern uses 2.5" squares and it known as the "Rice Krispie" pattern. You don't have to tell people how easy it was to make!
Finished Size: 10.5" x 42.5"
Kit Includes: Pattern, all fabric for the table runner top including the binding. Backing is NOT included.
Regular Price: $24.99

You will find these kits, as well as some Charming Vinyl Project Bag kits featuring Bellingham Bay in-store and on the website.
CRAZY for So Many Collections!
Sticks 'N Stones, Fancy Feathers, Bandana Canada, Garden Style... we've had so many batik collection arrive in the store over the last several months and we've neglected to show them off in a meaningful way. That said though, if I were to take the time to go over each and every one of them, you would not be very happy with me!
The best way to see the full batik selection is to come for an in-store visit of to spend some time browsing online.
When we spent time browsing this week, we realized we need to enhance our selection of batik precut bundles to make it easier for you to pick up some coordinating batiks for your next project or to just add to your stash.
The selection of batik fat quarter bundles now includes Garden Style, Bandana Canada and Just My Type (all pictured above). Additional bundles included Painted Leaves (on sale), Fancy Feathers, Bali Watercolours and more!

Quilters Cupboard Original Collection!

We were having so much fun pulling fabrics in the Batik section this week that even came up with a couple of Quilters Cupboard original assortments that we turned into 42-piece jelly rolls and charm packs!

Have a look at all the batik bundles to choose from and let your imagination go crazy!
Kits Available!
Tuscany Tiles Quilt

While I could personally use an escape to Tuscany right now, Tuscany Tiles is a 2.5" strip friendly pattern by Robert Kaufman. With the carefully chosen selection of assortment of batiks and the perfect Island Batik Neutral background, it's the perfect quilt-style escape!
Finished Size: 64" x 76"
Kit Includes: Pattern, all fabric for the quilt top including the binding. Backing is NOT included.
Regular Price: $114.99
If you love the colours in this quilt, you'll enjoy the Quilters Cupboard original jelly rolls and charm packs featuring these fabrics. You will find them in-store and online.
Luminous, the stargazing Block of the Month of adventure led by Leianne was a spectacular success. Participants were amazed and appreciative of the journey that Leianne took them on to complete the Luminous quilt by Seams Like A Dream.
We are thrilled to announce that the Luminous Block of the Month program is now available "On Demand". When you register for the Luminous program, you will receive all instructional materials and videos right away. This will allow you to start the program when you want and work on it at your own pace!

Registration Fee: $69.99 (includes PDF instructional guide and 7-monthly videos). Pattern and Kit sold separately.

For more information about the Luminous Block of the Month program, refer to the website.
Kits Available!

There are TWO kits available to make the Just My Type version of the Luminous Quilt.

Finished Size: 74" x 86"

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Luminous Kit Includes: Luminous pattern, all fabric for the quilt top and binding (over 10 metres of fabric). Backing is NOT included.

Special Price: $234.99

Regular Price: $259.98

Rulers Recommended but Not Required: Tucker Trimmer, Wing Clipper and Square Squared Tool (also known as the Square 2 Ruler if you have an older version).

If you would like to register for the Luminous Block of the Month, order a pattern or purchase a kit, refer to the website.
CRAZY for Bargains!
With the price of gas and just about everything else these days, we are all looking for bargains. If you're a batik lover, you'll want to check out the new additions to the Batik Clearance Section this week! You just don't know what you might find!
Painted Leaves

A recent addition to the clearance section includes Painted Leaves from Banyan Batiks. This collection suffered from a case of poor timing, arriving in the store between lockdowns. The collection really never got the attention it deserved. At $14.49 a metre and a 10-piece fat quarter bundle for less than $40, it's well worth taking a look!
CRAZY for Tilda!
Calling all Tilda fans! Are you going crazy in anticipation of the special-edition, world-wide release of Chic Escape on June 1st?
We are excited (and more than a little relieved) to confirm that all fabrics, kits and precuts WILL be available in-store on Wednesday, June 1st for the official release. The folks at Tilda's Fabrics must have some magical powers as they managed to avoid the latest round of supply chain issues.

Preorder Now!

Be sure to preorder your precut bundles now so that you can be guaranteed to get what you want.

New for Chic Escape - Half-Metre Bundles!

Several of the Chic Escape fabrics have a large-scale print, for the beautiful peacocks and vases in particular. As a result, we have decided to offer half-metre bundles in the 4 colourways so that you can enjoy this larger scale prints. We've also decided to offer half-metre cuts of the Daisyfield blenders because they are just so yummy that we think more is better!

We will have more to say about Chic Escape prior to the June 1st release, we just wanted to let Tilda fans that it's smooth sailing for the big release!
CRAZY for Batiks!
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