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RCMA Executive Director Dan Quinonez and RCMA Technical Director Chadwick Collins attended the ‎‎2021 International Roofing Expo in August in Las Vegas. For the first time ever, RCMA had a booth in the ‎IRE Expo Hall to promote the value of RCMA membership to IRE attendees. Staff made several contacts ‎with individuals interested in RCMA’s contractor training program. These contacts will be activated to ‎expand outreach efforts during the initial launch.
From left: RCMA President Will Lorenz, RCMA Technical Director Chadwick Collins, RCMA Executive Director Dan Quinonez
Staff also met with representatives from IRE and from Roofers Coffee Shop to record video interviews. ‎Keep reading to view the video with Roofers Coffee Shop, and be on the lookout for an announcement ‎when the interview with IRE launches.‎
Technical Affairs Committee (TAC) Updates
RCMA Reclaims Durability Study Samples
In July, the Cool Roof Ratings Council’s Board of Directors voted to not test the samples from the durability study for aged reflectance and emissivity properties. RCMA staff responded to this decision by requesting the samples be returned to RCMA (since the samples were constructed by RCMA members) so RCMA can perform the desired testing at a future date. This request was approved by the CRRC, and RCMA staff is now waiting to receive the shipment of samples.
Proposed Changes to Labels and Fluid-Applied Membrane Definition
The CRRC Technical Committee meeting in August included a discussion on developing a new definition for fluid-applied membrane and considering the addition of SRI values to labels. RCMA staff voiced concern on the proposed label update, as that would mark the third label change in the last year following the overall label redesign and the addition of rough substrate values. CRRC staff acknowledged the label feedback and took it under advisement.

RCMA staff also collected feedback from members regarding the proposed definition of fluid-applied membrane and summarized this to the CRRC. This will next be discussed during the CRRC’s Technical Committee meeting in October.
ASTM Updates
After the June ASTM meetings, RCMA staff began work on a draft standard related to reflectivity for later balloting. Staff also attended the initial conference calls for ASTM E50 (Environmental Assessment, Risk Management, and Corrective Action) and the Energize Denver Task Force technical webinar.

RCMA members and staff also attended a conference call for a D08.05 task group to discuss a drafted standard for a new product specification. From that call, a new collaboration area was created by ASTM for members to continue to provide their feedback on the draft. 
ICC Updates
RCMA staff monitored the ICC Public Comment Hearings held in Pittsburgh, with a summary presented during the September TAC meeting. With TAC approval, staff did not submit any comments on any code change proposals at ICC.
Additional Activities
RCMA staff is continuing development of the RCMA Training Program Modules and is working to complete RCMA’s EPDs. The TAC is also finishing its review of RCMA’s Coatings Technical Notes Cold Weather Application Tips for Roof Coatings and Hot Weather Application Tips for Roof Coatings. In October, staff will issue a ballot summary for active ASTM ballots.
Government Affairs Committee (GAC) Update
Method 24
RCMA participated in a meeting with the EPA to discuss Method 24 testing, urging the EPA to reassess its use of Method 24 for VOC determinations in roof coatings. EPA personnel stated that they will look into the issues and will follow up with RCMA to arrange a future meeting.

RCMA continues to participate in a coalition to address possible future regulations proposed by SCAQMD. The agency is planning to start work on PCBTF in 2022 and also to begin looking into Rule 1113 (AIM Coatings) and Rule 1168 (Adhesives and Sealants). The agency needs to evaluate the product formulations in each rule, and various categories and prove that substantial alternative technologies exist in the marketplace
RCMA In the News
RCMA and Roofers Coffee Shop
During the 2021 International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas, RCMA staff met with Karen Edwards of Roofers Coffee Shop to discuss RCMA initiatives and the benefits of roof coatings. Check out the video of this interview by clicking on the image below or by clicking here.
RCMA in Roofing Contractor
The September issue of Roofing Contractor featured an exclusive Q&A with RCMA Executive Director Daniel Quinonez and RCMA Technical Director Chadwick Collins. Check out the article here for a look at RCMA's short- and long-term predictions for the roof coatings market.
RCMA in Coatings Pro
The July issue of Coatings Pro featured an article by RCMA Technical Director Chadwick Collins on new evaluation protocols for reflectivity and emissivity. Read the article here.
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