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Featured below are 27 books and prints with spooky themes. Included are private press editions of Edgar Allan Poe stories, a new version of Frankenstein, an inscribed H.G. Wells novel, ghost stories, tarot card decks, poetry about goblins, other-worldly stories of aliens, and more!

Books can be ordered through our website or by contacting us at or 410-235-6810.

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A Frankenstein Story - in Miniature

[Angel Bomb Press]
[Shelley, Mary] Todd M. Thyberg, book artist.
Mister F.

Minneapolis: Angel Bomb Press, 2016. Open edition. This is an artful three-color letterpress mini-book designed and printed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The book has an accordion fold structure that allows the front spread to be from the perspective of Doctor Frankenstein and the reverse to be from the perspective of the monster. The original story was re-read and condensed down into 9 distinct spreads with artwork created for each and relevant copy from the original work provided to tell the story. With black covers and a stretch black band with a tassel wrapped around it. Housed in a grey box designed to look like a cigarette package with title on top. In fine condition. Measures 2x 3.25 inches.

Price: $75


Homage to H.P. Lovecraft - with artifacts

[Angel Bomb Press]
Thyberg, Todd, author and book artist.
The Miskatonic Papers.
Minneapolis: Angel Bomb Press, 2020.

Limited to 125 copies signed and numbered by the book artist, Todd Thyberg. He writes in the colophon that the book took over two years to write, create, and print. He states: "This experiential read was conceived as an ode to H.P. Lovecraft, whose books I had discovered and read profusely as a teenager growing up in a small town in rural North Dakota....I knew I wanted to be a writer, to breathe life into stories that transported the reader to realms unknown. H.P. Lovecraft gifted the world with a style of cosmic horror and weird fiction that was previously unknown. In homage, Todd created a mythical and mystical expedition to the steppes of Siberia to find the temple and artifacts of a mysterious people that supposedly once inhabited this barren and forbidding land. He says, "In the winter of ‘18, I rented a cabin in the woods of Wisconsin and sequestered myself for a week, sketching, researching and writing down plot points. I took an historic event that fascinates me and turned it on its head, spinning it into the world of old gods and monsters that thrilled me as a kid. I wanted to celebrate and honor the creepy cosmic horror that made Lovecraft’s work so unique. One of the men on the expedition is required to document their findings. Odd diagrams and even odder structures are found and recorded for the archives at Miskatonic University. What is it that they find? What happens to the expedition when they find it?" It’s all hidden within. But be forewarned! Many who have seen the contents of The Miskatonic Papers have died horrible deaths or gone completely insane! The valiant quest for knowledge may lead you down a path that branches into dark corners of the night, filled with arcane shadows. Never travel there alone and be cautious where you step. If you hear a wet, rustling noise behind you, you had best run screaming. After exploring Todd's remarkable and complex production, the reader will indeed understand Todd's warning!

The work comes in a foil-stamped grey clothbound clamshell box with three sealed folders inside.Todd urges the reader to break the seals and pore through the contents of the folders. One includes a broadside for the expedition, drawings, two letters, a rubbing, telegrams from the field, and an amazing handwritten expedition journal. All of them letterpress printed, aged, and weathered. The Expedition Broadside appears stained with ale and smudges from the hands of inquisitive sailors. It states that Professor Tyler Freeborn seeks able-bodied men to risk life and limb for the advancement of science. Do you have a thirst for adventure? Perhaps you should apply. Each piece of the book was made to look as if it was created 100 years ago. Stains, creases, and even burned edges will provide the reader with a rich experience when delving through the ephemera and piecing the story together. Printed on a selection of stocks as well as vintage business cards and journal pages, with too many typefaces to name and lots of handwriting as well. Letterpress printed at the Angel Bomb studio. In fine condition. (#34243)

Price: $850


Poe's Classic Tale - Deluxe Edition with Extra Suite of Prints AND 6 Erotic Lithographs

[Aquarius Press]
Poe, Edgar A., illustrated by Federico Castellon.
The Mask of the Red Death. A Fantasy.

Baltimore: Aquarius Press, 1969.

This is a special deluxe edition of this stunning first book from the Aquarius Press, a then new Baltimore private press. The edition comprises the book and a separate portfolio of the 16 signed and numbered lithographs for the book as well as 6 additional unrelated erotic lithographs. The sixteen illustrations are numbered 47/80 copies and signed and numbered by Castellon. On the back of each are the letters AP for artist's proof. The six additional illustrations are signed by Castellon and numbered E/E. The book is Letter A of the ten copies reserved for the collaborators. Signed by the artist Federico Castellon. The work appeared two years before the death of Spanish American artist and lithographer Castellon in 1971. Castellon, born in 1914, was a well known painter, sculptor, and printmaker who is best known for his graphic works that incorporated the influences of surrealism. The 16 evocative color lithographs he did for this book are both surreal and haunting.

This beautiful work was designed by Bert Clarke and the text set in Monotype Walbaum and printed by Clarke & Way in New York City. The binding is by the Russell Rutter Company. Done under the editorial direction of John Ross and Jacob Landau. Both book and portfolio are bound in decorative light brown fabric and a black leather spine with titling in gilt. Housed in a custom black cloth covered clamshell box. In fine condition. Volumes measure 11.25 x 15 inches. Fine. (#35743)

Price: $4,000 


Miniature Collection of Hell Themed Items

[Bo Press]
Sweet, Pat.
Welcome to Hell.
Riverside, CA: Bo Press Miniature Books, 2014.

This is a welcome reissue of one of Pat Sweet's most inventive miniature works. "Welcome to Hell" comprises twelve pieces of Hellish ephemera that play with some of the images and ideas of the infernal regions from popular culture. The result is a surprisingly humorous and engaging production. Pat described it as one of her most fun projects ever. She writes: "Most religions have discarded the idea of a retributive afterlife, but the idea remains in the popular consciousness as folk belief. Images of old-time Hell are much more common than those of Heaven: Dante invented a whole complex gradation of torments for an exactly sorted list of sins. But grinning devils with pitchforks continue to poke burning sinners, and Satan continues to offer shady your-soul-for-your heart's desire deals in folk tales and legends." The items are stored inside a shopping bag labeled "Welcome to Hell." Your goody bag from Hell includes: Welcome To Hell! (with FAQs! - for example, "Am I really here for all of eternity?" "Yes") A Gallery of Hell (Hell in famous paintings) Visitor's Book (Yes, some people get to leave) Hellhounds of the Underworld (Hell has a surprising number of dogs) Go To Hell (a board game for sinners of all ages) Devil Cards (collect 'em all!) Seven Deadly Sins Post Cards ( by Bruegel) Hotel Grand Pandemonium dinner menu (Annual Famous Last Meals Banquet),an extra gameboard, Hellmouth Pop-up Cards (three thrilling maws) Maps of Hell (maps of Dante's Hell). Also included is a complimentary fan - Hot Enough For Ya? - with picture of devil's head - not that it would do much good. The bag is 3 x 2 3/8 x 1 3/8 inches. The items in the bag vary in size but are all miniature. In fine condition. (#35166)

Price: $295


Print Inspired by Poe's Black Cat

[Cheloniidae Press]
Robinson, Alan James (Edgar Allan Poe).
If there were no books ... there would be no Black Cat! PRINT.

Easthampton, MA: Cheloniidae Press, 2018.

3 of 100 copies. Signed and numbered by the artist. This is one of the Cheloniidae Press's first new works in twenty years. It is a letterpress printed broadside featuring an image of a cat and the quote "If there were no books ... there would be no Black Cat!" This broadside references Edgar Allan Poe's classic short story "The Black Cat." Printed by Master Printer Art Larson from a relief etching by Alan James Robinson on on archival Cranes Lettra paper. Size: 11 x 14 inches. Fine. (#31968)

Price: $95


Print Inspired by Poe's The Raven

[Cheloniidae Press]
Robinson, Alan James (Poe, Edgar Allan).
If there were no books ... there would be no Nevermore! PRINT.

Easthampton, MA: Cheloniidae Press, 2016.

Limited to 100 copies. Signed and numbered by the artist. This is one of the Cheloniidae Press's first new works in twenty years. It is a letterpress printed broadside featuring an image of a raven from Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem and the quote "If there were no books ... there would be no Nevermore!" Printed by Master Printer Art Larson from a relief etching by Alan James Robinson on archival Cranes Lettra paper. Size: 11 x 14 inches. Fine. (#29826)

Price: $95


Story of a Woman Murdered by Her Husband

Corelli, Marie.
The Murder of Delicia.

London: Skeffington and Son, 1896.

First Edition. British novelist, Marie Corelli (1855 - 1924), was a very popular author during her time, although she was often criticized, as many women authors then were, of being melodramatic. This book addresses the plight of a wealthy woman married to an abusive, arrogant aristocrat who takes great advantage of her kindness and finances. Appropriately, Corelli's introduction implores her readers to place greater value on women and their roles in marriage and society. Very good in original maroon cloth boards with gilt title to spine and front board. Slight roll to spine and minor wear to edges and spine ends. The end pages are browned with a small spot of soiling on the first two. Also, there are a few spots of foxing to the title page, there is an inscription from the previous owner on the half title page dated 1896, and there are occasional smudge marks throughout. A nice copy despite noted wear. 292 pages. Very Good. (#21368)

Price: $100 


Cyber Themed Tarot Deck

Coron, Béatrice; Mick Stern, writer.
Tarot From Cyberia.

New York: Béatrice Coron, 2022.

One of 99 copies. An inventive set of cyber related tarot cards from artist Coron and writer Stern. There are 22 cards plus a card with the user manual that describes how the set can be used. The instructions state: "For MEDITATION, you can study the vanities and follies of humans nature. Please see the 1440 AD OS. For DIVINATION, you must be certified to read the hidden meanings of fate. Please contact a magus, shaman or warlock for instruction and apprenticeship. For all other purposes, such as paradigm shifting, game changing, inventing the future, and causing disruptions of all kinds, we make no guarantees. You AGREE not to hold this tarot deck liable for any surprises." The cards are boldly printed in black, orange, and yellow. Each card has a black skeletal figure that illustrates the term on that card, e.g., online wanderer, hacker, influencer, gamer joystick, cyber security, troll. Each card is 3.3 x 2.16 inches. The deck is housed in a white box that is signed and numbered by Coron. Drawn in Illustrator and printed by Moo. In fine condition. P (#35582)

Price: $150 


Mystery & Romance

Crockett, S.R.; G. Grenville Manton (illustrator).
The Silver Skull: A Romance.
New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1901.

Third Edition. Dark green cloth boards with silver title to spine and front cover. Silver illustration of a sword to the spine and multicolored illustration of a landscape to front cover. Minor wear and rubbing to edges of boards and covers. Minor toning to margins and old ink price to front free endpaper. Clean and bright overall. 315 pages. Very Good. (#32176)

Price: $25 


Coal Miners Release Demons into a Tennessee Town

Cunningham, Jere.
The Abyss.

New York: Wyndham Books, 1981.

First Edition. In red cloth backed brown paper covered boards with gilt title stamp to spine. Slight fading to top edge of boards. In illustrated black DJ with tow tiny chips to top edge of DJ. Small brown stain to top edge of textblock. Interior pristine. 286pp. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket. (#18198)

Price: $30.00 save 30% $21.00  


Modern Take on Victorian Spirit Photography

[Deeply Game Publications]
Press, Sara L., book artist.
Our Specters: Ghosts in the Machine, Vol. 1.

Sebastopol, CA: Deeply Game Publications, 2020.

Number 4 of 20 copies. Signed by the book artist. From the preface: In the 19th and early 20th centuries a great many people were fooled into believing that "spirit photographers" were able to pierce death's veil to document the ghosts of lost loved ones. "These photographers, also known as mediums, used double exposures and other tricks to manufacture the supernatural encounters. Their popularity attests to the power of love and loss in people's lives then and now. The hauntings were real, even if the ghosts were not. We are haunted still, and not just by love and loss. This book makes visible some of what bedevils us - psychological demons; social & factual distortions; the force & folly of the culture around us." For this compelling book, the artist produced plates using paint, camera, and ink to create specters - haunting figures - immaterial subjects that comprise both fact and fiction, encompassing both the rational and absurd. The apparent spectral images in the plates are able to be identified using a fold-out guide that provides keys to the bedevilments that haunt each image. Key words (or "bedevilments") include: fake news, extinction, lonliness, police murder, rage, social distance, xenophobia, climate change, demise of democracy, etc.). The relevant key abbreviations are printed on the white page across from each of the images. The painted images in the plates were based on spirit photographs by Ada Deane, William Hope, Edward Wyllie, and others.

Bound in dark blue cloth with silver titling to front cover. Letterpress printed using News Gothic and Century Schoolbook fonts designed by Morris Fuller Benton. In fine condition. Measures 8 x 11 inches. [38 pages] (#35456)

Price: $1,250 



Deck of Oracle Cards - Originally Made from Recycled, Hand-Dyed, Embroidered Nursing Pads

Greenwood Anne.
The Lunar Maria.

Portland, OR: Anne Greenwood.

Number 40 of 100 trade copies. The Lunar Maria (pl.) or Mare (sing.) are large dark basaltic plains on the Earth’s Moon formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. These plains Oceanus (Oceans), Mare (Seas), Lacus (Lakes), Palus (Marshes), and Sinus (Bays) were named by Giovanni Battista Riccioli in 1651 after states of mind and conditions of water. I have editioned three decks of 44 oracle cards named after the Lunar Maria: one wool hand-embroidered original, twelve cotton digitally printed, finished w/ hand-stitching, and 100 paper digitally printed. All the decks include a letterpress printed, hand-bound booklet, and indigo dyed bag and cloth with machine stitched text. The booklet describes how to use the cards and includes 44 poetic fragments that correspond to each basaltic plain and embroidered image. The booklet was designed, printed and bound by Daniela Del Mar. This project was conceived in the midst of studying magical tools and practices with Colette Gardiner in her Blue Iris Mystery School in Portland, Oregon, working as an artist-in-residence at the Icelandic Textiles Center in Blönduós, Iceland and learning from Carmen Spagnola's Numinous School of Intuition Development. The combination of these experiences helped me further understand, connect and embed my ancestry, place and natural world within my art practice. Ten percent of all sales from this deck, and funds generated from any readings will be donated to The Chúush Fund: Water for Warm Springs which directly benefits the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon as they work to restore their access and infrastructure for clean water. Edition size: 12 5.5”x 7.5”x 2” finished bag w/ contents, 4”x 5.5” cards & booklet, 20”x 20” cloth. (#34903)

Price: $50 


Alchemy and Religion

[Luminice Press]
Williams, Thomas Parker, book artist and printer.
Transmutation Transfiguration.

Luminice Press, 2019-2020.

One of 10 copies. This fascinating and intricate work by highly regarded book artist Williams is about two forms of transformation: alchemy, a physical process, and written scripture, a codification of religious beliefs. Alchemists believed that a method could be found to transmute base metals into gold. After centuries of trying, they never discovered such a method. The beliefs of some early societies were transformed from pantheistic to a concept of a single god figure, whose stories were collected in written form and used to codify new faiths. This book looks at the failure of alchemy and also how early faiths were corrupted and then used by dominant groups to subjugate and harm those who differed.

The front cover is a pentagram with five triangles. The pentagram symbolized both good and evil and had many interpretations. For example, the single point up indicated the five wounds of Christ; both points up had an occult meaning. The triangles represent the base metals of alchemy. From top left in a clockwise rotation they are: silver, lead, tin, iron and copper with the sixth metal, mercury, represented by the silver dust surrounding the pentagram. Gold, the primary objective of alchemy, is at the center. The rear cover represents the four elements identified in antiquity: air, fire, earth and water. Each base metal has been associated with a planet in our solar system. Lead with Saturn, tin with Jupiter, iron with Mars, copper with Venus, silver with the moon, and mercury with its namesake planet. As the book progresses, each etching is aligned with one of the metals. The symbol for each metal, or planet associated with it, is found on the text page.

With 11 original etchings from zinc plates on Twinrocker hand-made paper, 12 letterpress printed pages from polymer plates with alcohol based stains on Mohawk text weight paper, marbled endpapers. Covers are bound with paper over binders board. Front cover has onlays of thin steel and copper with metal pigment coatings and patina as well as silver leaf and gold leaf. Rear cover has an onlay of embossed aluminium foil from an engraved polycarbonate plate. closed, with three flaps and magnet closure bound with book cloth over binders board with Tyvek hinges. ad, tin, iron and copper with the sixth metal, mercury, represented by the silver dust surrounding the pentagram. Gold, the primary objective of alchemy, is at the center. The rear cover represents the four elements identified in antiquity: air, fire, earth and water. Each base metal has been associated with a planet in our solar system. Lead with Saturn, tin with Jupiter, iron with Mars, copper with Venus, silver with the moon, and mercury with its namesake planet. Custom case measures 9.5 x 8.75 x 1.5 inches. In fine condition.  (#33878)

Price: $3,000 


Ghost Stories

O'Donnell, Elliott.
Family Ghosts and Ghostly Phenomena.

New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., [1934].

First Edition. Elliott O'Donnell (1872-1965) was a well-known writer about the super-natural, and primarily known for his works about ghosts. Ex-library from the Washington Club with the club's bookplate to the front pastedown, embossed stamp to title page, and removed libary pocket to rear endpapers. Bound in black cloth with title and author to spine. Title on spine is faded and rubbed. Heavy wear to corners and spine ends with board exposed. Short closed tear to bookcloth along rear joint. Light rubbing to boards. Aside from library markings and a pencil notation to the front endpaper, the interior is clean. Very good condition. 280 pages including index. Very Good. (#35678)

Price: $75 


Horror Stories and Legends from Britain

O'Donnell, Elliott.
Haunted Britain.

New York: Rider and Company.

First Edition, third impression. With seven photographic plates produced in half tone. This exploration of the British Isles includes "ghostly phenomena of every variety - elementals, vampires, phantom motor lorries and coaches, phantom heads, headless ghosts, evil and dangerous ghosts, ghosts of various colours, frightful and frightening ghosts, benign and lovely ghosts, a formidable array of denizens of the other worlds ... [with] a touch of O'Donnell's inimitable sardonic humour" (jacket). Black cloth boards with white title to spine. Slight bumping to corners and minor wear to edges and hinges. Minor rubbing to book cloth. Even browning to interior pages. In illustrated blue, black, and red jacket with white title to spine and front panels. Browning to spine panel of jacket. Minor wear to edges of jacket including a few short closed tears. 192 pages. Very Good / Very Good. (#35666)

Price: $95


Haunted Houses

O'Donnell, Elliott.
Rooms of Mystery.

New York: Frederick A Stokes Company.

Elliott O'Donnell (1872-1965) was a well-known writer about the super-natural, and primarily known for his works about ghosts. He even claimed to have seen one when he was five years old. This book includes stories about mysterious rooms in the UK and America - rooms of portraits, garages, school rooms, cellars, torture rooms, haunted rooms, rooms with monstrous people, and more. Light green cloth covered boards with dark green title to spine. Browning to spine, wear to edges of boards and corners, and minor rubbing to boards. Even toning to interior pages. 282 pages. Very Good. (#35675)

Price: $75 


A Retelling of Bluebeard

[Old Stile Press]
Balazs, Bela, libretto; John Lloyd Davis, English version; Susan Adams, illustrator.
Duke Bluebeard's Castle.

Monmouthshire: The Old Stile Press, 2006.

Number 59 of 150 copies numbered and signed by Davis and Adams. The story of Bluebeard has a long history, from Perrault's Fairy Tales through Maeterlinck, and is deeply embedded in the dark storytelling of the early twentieth century. Béla Balázs, heavily influenced by the French Symbolists, wrote a play which inspired his fellow countryman Béla Bartók to create a truly Hungarian opera. The music and the libretto in their turn have drawn from Susan Adams a sequence of stunning images. Each page evokes the unfolding terror that the walls of Duke Bluebeard's castle have witnessed. The chilling story is of the young bride, Judith, brought to her new home by the Duke. She longs to fling open windows, to let sunlight flood into her castle but gradually she has to face the truth of what may have happened here -- the truth of the destroyed lives of three previous wives. The libretto is the English version made by John Lloyd Davies for performances of the opera in the UK.

Printed in Eric Gill's Joanna type on BFK Rives paper. The 18 images by Adams use two printmaking techniques, printing directly from woodblocks in black (with two in white) and digitally generated photopolymer line blocks, printed in red. The small folio book is bound in black and red paper and covered with red paper with printed with woodcuts on both covers. The slipcase has grey sides with a black border, again printed with images by Susan Adams. A particularly striking production from this excellent private press. In fine condition. Unpaginated [56 pages].  (#29416)

Price: $400 


Beautiful Set of Poe's Works

Poe, Edgar Allan; Charles F. Richardson, introduction; illustrated by Frederick Simpson Coburn.
The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe. 10 Volumes.

New York and London: Putnam's The Knickerbocker Press, (1902).

Number 95 of 150 copies of The Collector's Eldorado Editions with each volume signed and numbered by the publisher. Canadian artist and illustrator Frederick Simpson Coburn (1871 - 1960) illustrated many works for Putnam's as well as for various American magazines. He is best known for his paintings of winter landscapes of Quebec featuring horse drawn sleighs. A beautiful set bound in three quarter dark blue morocco over blue cloth boards with gilt titles and Art Nouveau style floral decoration to spines. Browning to spines of all volumes. Minor wear to edges and corners of boards. Minor soiling to boards. Clean, bright interiors with occasional smudge marks to margins. Includes full page illustrations by Frederick Simpson Coburn with captioned tissue guards, as well as occasional in text vignettes and initials. Previous owner's name in pen to bottom of printed bookplate, dated 1904, in all volumes. Marbled endpapers and top edges gilt. Very Good. (#33091)

Price: $2,200 


Charming Poem of Sisters, Seduction, and Goblins
Scarce in Jacket, First Edition

Rossetti, Christina; Laurence Housman, illustrator.
Goblin Market.

London: Macmillan & Co., 1893.

First edition of this beautiful version of Christina Rossetti's famed poem with the influential illustrations and cover design by Laurence Housman. It remains one of the most noted illustrated books of the late nineteenth century. The scarce dust jacket is present but in barely good condition. A previous owner saw fit to use tape along the upper and lower edges, and there is fraying along top of jacket and a piece missing from the bottom of the spine. Protected by a commercial mylar cover. Bound in green silk cloth with the gilt repeating design to both covers. Very slight bumping and light wear to spine edges. offsetting to front and rear endpapers from the dust jacket. Interior pages have some mild aging to margins, and the gutters are exposed in a few places where the book was opened flat. With twelve full page illustrations and numerous text decorations. Still a nice copy in very good condition. Small octavo. 63 pages. Very Good. (#35576)

Price: $500 


Story of Young Man Declared Insane By His Mother
Frontispiece by Aubrey Beardsley

Ruding, Walt.
An Evil Motherhood: An Impressionist Novel.
London: Elkin Mathews, 1896.

First edition, second issue. With one frontispiece by Aubrey Beardsley - “Portrait of the Author." Very good in original dark blue cloth boards with gilt title to spine and front board. Light blue spider web illustration to front board. Bump and chipping to cloth at foot of spine. Heavy darkening to gilt on spine. Long closed tear to one page. Bookplate of Howard Anthony Pickering to front pastedown. Bookseller sticker from Goodspeed below bookplate. Offsetting from bookplate, else clean interior. 99 pages. Very good. (#35690)

Price: $75 


Memoirs of an Executioner and His Family

Sanson, Henry (editor).
Memoirs of the Sansons from Private Notes and Documents [1688 - 1847]. Two Volumes.
London: Chatto and Windus, 1876.

English translation of the condensed memoirs of Henry Sanson and his family. A fascinating but macabre memoir of a family of executioners living in Paris. Generations of the Sanson family served as executioners, including a seven year old child who (not yet physically able to wield an axe) was supplied with an assistant and instructor and was forced to sanction executions with his presence. Bound in the original red cloth boards with gilt titles and gilt illustrations of an axe and chopping block to spines. Minor wear to edges and corners of boards. Rubbing and minor soiling to boards. Chipping, tears, browning, and wear to cloth on spines of both volumes. A mouse has nibbled at the edge of the front board of volume two. One signature in the second volume is coming loose. Minor toning to margins. Pages remain unopened. 285 pages plus 32 pages of ads; Volume II has 306 pages. (#35761)

Price: $145


Exploration of the Existence of Ghosts - with personal experiences & ghost stories

Sergeant, Philip W.
Historic British Ghosts.

London: Hutchinson and Co, (1936).

A somewhat scholarly examination of the existence of ghosts intermingled with ghost stories and personal experiences. The author cites evidence drawn from other cultures and relevant popular authors such as Lafcadio Hearn and Arthur Machen. Bound in the original green cloth boards with gilt title to spine. Minor rubbing to spine and minor wear to corners. Sllight bow to boards. Foxing to fore-edge and to interior pages with text. Includes 16 illustrations issued on a white glossy paper stock. 288 pages plus 20 pages of publisher's ads. Very Good. (#35672)

Price: $75 



Summers, Montague.
The Vampire: His Kith and Kin.
New York: E.P. Dutton and Company, 1929.

First edition. Augustus Montague Summers (10 April 1880 – 10 August 1948) was an English author and clergyman. He is known primarily for his scholarly work on the English drama of the 17th century, as well as for his idiosyncratic studies on witches, vampires, and werewolves. He was responsible for the first English translation, published in 1928, of the notorious 15th-century witch hunter's manual, the Malleus Maleficarum. Summers' work on the occult is notorious for his unusual and old-fashioned writing style, his display of erudition, and his purported belief in the reality of the subjects he treats. In this work, something of a companion to his The Vampire in Europe, Summers provides a study of the origins, generation, traits and practices of Vampires; the history of the Vampire in Assyria, the East, and some ancient countries; and the Vampire in literature. Each chapter included detailed notes on sources, and there are a bibliography and index. With eight black and white illustrations.

Bound in orange cloth with title and author in gilt to spine and front cover. Minor wear and rubbing to boards, spine, and edges. Minor fading to spine and darkening to gilt titles. Occasional pencil ticks to margins and to index, but clean overall. Bookplate on front pastedown with offsetting to half title page. Split to interior binding after front free endpaper, but binding remains tight. 356 pages including index. Very Good.

Price: $350  


18th Century Book Describing Alien Encounters

Swedenborg, Hon. Emanuel.
Concerning the Earths in Our Solar System, Which Are Called Planets; and Concerning the Earths in the Starry Heaven; Together with an Account of Their Inhabitants, and Also of the Spirits and Angels There; from what hath been Seen and Heard.

London: R. Hindmarsh, 1787.

First English Language Edition, translated from the original Latin. Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 - 1772) was a Swedish author, inventor, philosopher, theologist, mystic, and scientist. Swedenborg regularly had visions or dreams in which he believed he could converse with angels, spirits, and demons. In this work he describes "encounters" with spirits from other planets and from beyond the Solar System. Full brown leather boards with maroon leather title label to spine and green label with the initials "J.H." beneath it. Both hinges are cracked, but boards remain attached. Losses to leather on spine, wear to spine, boards, and edges. Antiquated penned notation to margins of a few pages and to rear free endpaper. Ownership signature in pencil to front free endpaper. Front free endpapers are present but loose and chipped along the edges. Occasional spots of soiling (mostly to margins) and some foxing. 212 pages. Very Good. (#35708)

Price: $500 


Sci-Fi Short Story Collection by Wells

Wells, H.G.
The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents.

London: Methuen and Co., 1895.

FIRST EDITION. This is a collection of fifteen science fiction short stories, many of which originally appeared in periodicals, including the Pall Mall Gazette, Pall Mall Budget, and the St. James Gazette. This was the author’s first book of short stories. Stories include: The Stolen Bacillus, the Flowering of the Strange Orchid, the Triumphs of a Taxidermist, A Deal in Ostriches, the Flying Man, Aepyornis Island, A Moth - Genus Novo, the Treasure in the Forest, and more. Very good in original dark blue cloth boards with gilt title to spine and front board. Elaborate Art Nouveau style illustration to spine and front board. Light damp stain to front board, minor rubbing to edges of boards and spine ends, and crease to spine. The interior is clean overall with a few spots of foxing to first and last few pages. Small chip to front free endpage. 275 pages plus 32 pages of ads dated September 1895. Very Good. (#21163)

Price: $600 


Dystopian Novel About a Man Who Sleeps for Hundreds of Years and Awakes to Horrors
PRESENTATION COPY & First Edition with Photographic Postcard

Wells, H.G.
When the Sleeper Wakes.
London and New York: Harper & Brothers, 1899.

First Edition. An excellent Author's Presentation Copy, inscribed "C.F.A. Voysey from H.G. Wells." Herbert George Wells (1866-1946) was a prolific writer in many genres but is best remembered for his science fiction novels, of which this is one. This dystopian work was first published in 1899, but Wells revised it in 1910 and published it as When the Sleeper Awakes. He was dissatisfied with this first version, saying it was written when he was under time pressures. The recipient is Charles Voysey, an important English architect and designer who was influenced by the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau movements. In 1900 he was the architect for Spade House, which Wells built in 1900 and lived in for the succeeding decade. Laid in is a Raphael Tuck and Sons "real photograph" postcard of Wells that is contemporary with the book and signed in ink below the image. Such an early photograph of Wells is uncommon and signed ones are rare. It is very likely that Wells gave this one to Voysey.

Bound in original red cloth with gilt title and author to spine and front cover. Spine is faded, bumping to corners. Hinges tender, endpapers smudged, light spotting to half title page not affecting the inscription. An accession number is written in ink on the free front endpaper and there is a blind stamp "W.H. Smith and Son London" below it. Bookplate of John Richard Sofio to front pastedown. Housed in handsome beige cloth box with leather title and author label to spine. Very good condition. 329 pages. Very Good.

Price: $7,200


Bird Dance of Death ABC Book

[Wiesedruck] Horowitz, Sarah.
Vogel Totentanz: 29 Etchings.
Washington: Wiesedruck, 2018.

Number 29 of 40 copies that included five deluxe copies. Vogel Totentanz is a bird dance of death alphabet book inspired by Hans Holbein’s Dance of Death woodcut alphabet. After the Black Plague ravaged Europe in the late 14th century, death as inevitable regardless of status or age became a pervasive motif in art and literature. My present-day Totentanz is a reflection of that idea in context of our environmental crisis. Birds are indicator species for overall environmental health and human well-being [from the artist's website]. The 29 etchings were drawn from specimens at the Cashmere Museum, the Wenatchee Valley College collection, and the Burke Museum in Washington State along with other found remains. Diotima types were used throughout. The text was letterpress printed on Zerkall Book paper by Arthur Larson of Horton Tank Graphics. This regular edition is bound in a bird-footprint-etching printed blue paper and housed in a slipcase. Binding and slipcase by Claudia Cohen. In fine condition. Measures 6.875 x 5.5 inches. Etchings are 2.5 x 2.5 inches. [60 pages.]  (#35483)

Price: $2,800 


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