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As your client’s and prospects age… 

Protect your clients. Protect your practice.

It is all about delivering service excellence to your aging clients and families, while meeting your professional obligations, and this can be a challenge.

Please pass this webinar information on to your associates, family members or other professions who you know will benefit from attending this very informative webinar on our aging demographics.

By attending these DFPTM Introductory webinars, you will get a better understanding of what the Dementia Friendly ProfessionalTM Designation is all about and how it can benefit you and your practices.

Part 1: Monday, December 6 2021: 11AM – 1:15PM EST
Part 2: Wednesday, December 8 2021: 11AM – 1:15PM EST

You need to register for both days at the one registration fee.

EPC Designation Members: $97.00 + taxes total for both days   
Non EPC Designation members: $127.00 + taxes total for both days

You will receive a total of 9.5 CE credits* Please note that you must attend both sessions (total of 4.5 hours over 2 days for attending & an additional 5 hours of our ONLINE Self-Study at no extra charge to give you a total of 9.5 CE credits) to receive these CE credits

Learn to balance advocacy and privacy with insight and understanding, sound business practices, application of industry guidelines and use of effective communication strategies. The Dementia Friendly Professional (DFPTM) introductory program is your starting point to better protect your clients and your practice. 

This webinar will cover the following:
  • Understand the link between the aging brain, changing financial management 
  • Capacity and related risks 
  • Review best practice guidelines and precedence so you can confidently balance advocacy and privacy 
  • Learn about associated regulatory updates that impact your business
  • Identify behavioral indicators and response strategies so you can better engage and work with clients and family members
  • Create a Dementia Friendly PracticeTM: opportunities and resources
This is How You Will Receive the 9.5 CE Credits 

If you reside in BC, SK, ON, you will receive *4.5 CE credits for attending both sessions. After the webinar is completed, we will then give you 30 Days to complete up to an additional 5 CE credits by using our 
ONLINE SELF-STUDY CHOICES. This will give you a total of 9.5 CE credits.

If you reside in Manitoba, Alberta, or Quebec, you will not get CE for attending this webinar, but you will have access to complete up to 9.5 CE credits by using our fully approved AB, MB & QC ONLINE SELF-STUDY CHOICES. You will have 30 Days to complete these.

In addition, the 4.5 CE credits are considered approved CE credits for Advocis - You will receive a CE certificate for 4.5 CE credits directly from Age Well Solutions.

FP Canada - CFP Designation Verifiable CE credits - NOTE - Maximum of 7 CE credit hours daily.  

These CE Credits could be used a specific amount for the following CE categories of CE credits - Financial Planning, Practice Management, Professional Responsibility, Product Knowledge or Giving Back as per the definition of each. FP Canada leaves it up to the CFP designee to determine what category these CE credits will fall into, as per the CFP CE Credit Rules found on the FP Canada website.
Your Webinar Leader - Jennifer Moir BA (Hons) CHS, CRTS, DFP, EPC - Founder, Age Well Solutions

Jennifer Moir of Age Well Solutions provides advisors with critical knowledge and insight about how dementia and changing cognition impacts financial management capacity in aging investors, the related risks, and will lead the discussion on the key steps advisors can take to balance privacy with advocacy, ensure compliance with professional standards, and effectively protect both their clients, and their practice.

Please note that this is only the DFPTM Introductory Program. By attending these 2 days, you will not be granted the DFPTM designation. You will find out more information on how you can register for this designation at the webinar if you are interested. 
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