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Insider Update - Special Edition
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The NGBS Green AXIS Primer
Dear NGBS Green Client,

Today we are very excited to launch the AXIS Platform for the NGBS Green certification program.

Over the past 10+ years, we have worked hard to deliver a green building certification program that delivers value, is affordable, and at the same time rigorous. Every day our goal is superior customer service and responsiveness to client needs.
This week we level up with a new and improved online platform to manage all NGBS Green program administration and client needs. Our new platform will streamline the certification process and make attaining an NGBS Green building certification simpler and more straightforward. At the same time, we wanted to provide clients with greater access to information about your projects that are seeking or have already attained NGBS Green certification.
What is the AXIS NGBS Green Platform?
AXIS is a cloud-based, online platform that will support and enhance the NGBS Green certification program. With the transition to the AXIS platform, NGBS Green Verifiers and clients will be able to register projects, submit verification reports and compliance documentation, and monitor project status in real-time 24/7/365 from any modern internet web browser.

Builder and developer clients should register for an account so you can monitor projects seeking NGBS Green certification and submit necessary program documentation, such as client agreements and proof of insurance. While Phase I of the AXIS deployment doesn’t include an online payment function, we are working to add that functionality for Phase II.
Here's the account registration video available to the public (no portal credentials required).
The NGBS Green Portal START HERE page is a perfect launching place for those just getting acquainted with the new system. The "Getting Started" videos are also a good place for the inexperienced, but these cannot be accessed without a portal account (See above).
The most commonly asked questions are addressed here with the answers you need to know.
The Builder's Resource Guide dated September 2021 is now updated to reflect AXIS procedures. Please download this version ASAP, discard previous versions, and use as a reference guide.
After you have watched the videos, read the FAQs, and read the information below – if you still need help, submit a request for assistance here. Or send an email to They even have a telephone: 1-800-980-AXIS (2947). Or use the real-time chat available from the portal’s landing page once logged in.
NGBS Green clients just got handed the steering wheel. Here are the things that you can now change at your convenience as needed. The AXIS portal is self-service. You can largely design how and when you want to interact with the portal.

  • Company information. If there is company-related information that needs to be changed, such as contact names, email addresses, company addresses, website links, phone numbers, you can make the edits.

  • Project information. After project registration, clients or verifiers can revise building addresses or apartment counts, add marketing websites, upload marketing photos, add architect and marketing contact information, update project website addresses.
AXIS will send clients email notifications for key stages of the NGBS Green certification process. AXIS users can also see program notifications in the AXIS platform on their unique dashboard. Users can customize what notifications they receive via email as desired from the AXIS portal.
Currently, Home Innovation sends via email the NGBS Green client agreement to new clients and clients with expired agreements.

Now, AXIS will generate a notification when a client needs to sign an agreement, and this will be done via DocuSign in the AXIS portal. Clients can also upload their proof of insurance as required by the program. Home Innovation will countersign the agreement and the client will be notified when the final agreement is available for them to view and/or download as desired.
The AXIS invoicing process is all new, more flexible, and hopefully, an improvement for all.

Clients, Verifier companies, or Home Innovation can generate invoices. Clients will only be able to see your own projects to select for invoicing. If desired, multiple projects/buildings can be grouped into one invoice.

Following registration of a new project, AXIS will generate a notification to the client that the certification fee needs to be paid and the client can log in to create the invoice as needed.

Clients can see in real time when the payment posts to Home Innovation.

For now, the payment process remains the same. Clients can mail payment via check, send funds via a wire transfer, or call in a credit card payment. We are working on implementing an online payment option via AXIS which will be awesome for all. Stay tuned – this is planned for Phase II of the AXIS deployment.
Once a building is certified, Home Innovation will send a notification via AXIS to the client. The clients can download or print the certificate directly from AXIS whenever convenient. NGBS Green certificates remain accessible by the client for as long as the entity owns that real property asset. Home Innovation can also transfer the certificate to a new property owner for a small administrative fee, as needed.

We will soon have an option for clients to order larger and/or framed certificates from our new plaque vendor - stay tuned for more information after the AXIS launch.
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