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Today’s episode of The Medicine Mentors:
"The Five-Minute Daily Ritual with Dr. Fred Schiffman"
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“At the end of the day, when you’re off the clock, go to the patient’s room. Ask about their day; answer their worries; reassure them of your support; give them your undivided attention; clear your mind of all distracting thoughts, and just be there for the patient.” Today we listen to Dr. Fred Schiffman share his journey, reflecting on our broader role as physicians in treating illness, not just disease. “Cure sometimes, relieve often, and comfort always” is one of Dr. Schiffman’s many mantras, encouraging us to allow our humanistic side to shine through as we care for our patients.
Dr. Schiffman's Pearls of Wisdom:
“One can never underestimate the warmth of presence. You're there to comfort the patient and to listen and understand their hardship.”

“There is no war and no conflict between excellence and humanism; they go hand-in-hand in medicine.”

“Disease is what the physician finds, but illness is what the patient feels and what the patient fears. We are there to cure the disease and the illness”

“Be present in all aspects of that word, physically and mentally. Be there for the patient.”

“Be open and listen. Be vulnerable. Be brave. Face the pain and then look for the unspoken in your patient.”
About Dr. Fred Schiffman: 
Fred J. Schiffman, MD, is a Hematologist/Oncologist and the Associate Physician-in-Chief at The Miriam Hospital, the Medical Director of the Lifespan Cancer Institute, the Sigal Family Professor of Humanistic Medicine and the Vice-Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University. Dr. Schiffman is a graduate of NYU Medical School. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Hematology/Oncology from Yale New Haven Hospital. Dr. Schiffman has published extensively in hematologic malignancies and on a variety of subjects regarding the education of students and house staff. He has received numerous teaching awards, including the Charles C. J. Carpenter Award for excellence in the specialty of Internal Medicine, and the Human Dignity Award given by Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island.
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