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Dear Parents, Grandparents, Alumni, and Friends,
I'm happy to share with you below the Siyum Hadoros recap video and photos from event. The feedback we have received has been heartwarming.
Many participants were overwhelmed by the exalted and meaningful atmosphere, the ahavas and simchas haTorah, and nachas that the event generated. One participant summarized their experience, stating, “A beautiful, meaningful, and inspirational evening. We are so proud our boys go to such a wonderful Cheder.” Another remarked, “The Siyum HaDoros was beyond amazing—everything about it. Words do not properly capture such emotions and raw feelings.” And, perhaps most importantly, "an incredible, positive, good energy event, but above all else, it gave kavod to the people who really deserve it; the hanhalah and rebbeim of the Cheder.”
A special thanks to Shlomo Rotberg of Creative 1080 on the masterful job he did on the videos and photos. We also thank his editor, Mrs. Chana Katz, who is also a parent at the Cheder.
Best wishes,
Yaakov T. Goldstein
Executive Vice President