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July 2022 Pain BC Newsletter
From our Executive Director, Maria Hudspith
Late this spring, we launched a free online program that helps people living with pain make small changes that add up to big improvements in well-being. LivePlanBe+ guides users through a customized learning experience with animated videos, learning modules, resources to explore, stories from real people living with pain, interviews with health care providers, and practical tools.

This program builds upon LivePlanBe, a free online library of evidence-based resources on managing pain that Pain BC created in 2016. The name is a play on the concept of "Plan B", the alternative we turn to when life doesn't turn out as planned.

LivePlanBe+ was developed in partnership with the Digital Lab at the BC Children’s Hospital and an expert panel of people with lived experience, health care providers, and researchers, who provided recommendations on the program material. Over the course of its development, more than 500 people with pain provided feedback on LivePlanBe+ through surveys, focus groups, workshops, and an advisory committee.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who shared their expertise, experience and insight to create this powerful new program for people with pain. I encourage you to explore LivePlanBe+ and get in touch with us with any suggestions and feedback.
Pain BC programs, resources and updates
Join our team
We are hiring a Social Worker / Clinical Counsellor

We are looking for a Social Worker / Clinical Counsellor to deliver our programs in a safe, consultative, trauma-informed, and evidence-based manner. This involves supporting clients contacting the Pain Support Line, and supporting volunteers in our Coaching for Health program and Pain Support and Wellness Groups.
Apply to become a Pain Support and Wellness Group facilitator
We are looking for volunteers to co-lead/facilitate groups in BC

Pain Support and Wellness Groups offer an opportunity for people living with persistent pain to meet on a regular basis to learn about self-management as well as receive and provide support, by sharing knowledge, experiences and coping strategies. Groups meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month with alternating afternoon and evening sessions.

Pain BC is looking for volunteer facilitators to co-lead/facilitate virtual Pain Support and Wellness Groups across the province. As a volunteer, you will receive thorough training and educational materials from Pain BC, as well as ongoing support from Pain BC staff to facilitate the group in your community.
Our supports for people with pain
LivePlanBe+ logo
Knowledge is power. Learn to manage pain and improve well-being though our library of evidence-based articles on LivePlanBe or start a customized program on LivePlanBe+.
Connect with Pain Support Line staff to talk about your pain, find information on community resources, learn about pain and self-management, and much more.
Join an online group and build a community of support while learning about pain, pain management and coping strategies.
Receive one-on-one phone support and mentorship from a coach who will help you learn about self-management, regaining function and improving your well-being.
Gentle Movement @ Home: Guided movement and relaxation for pain

Gentle Movement @ Home free online videos provide guided movement and relaxation designed to help people with persistent pain learn to feel safe to move again. Topics include breath awareness and regulation, body tension regulation, and movement and relaxation techniques in both seated and standing positions.

The full collection of Gentle Movement @ Home videos are available to view for free via our YouTube channel.
Upcoming Pain BC and partner workshops, webinars and courses for health care providers
Pain Foundations for Allied Health Providers
Pain Foundations for Allied Health Providers is an online course designed for allied health care providers to improve their understanding of chronic pain and how to address the challenges of pain assessment and treatment. This practical, compact course allows learners to develop clinically relevant approaches to chronic pain management and develop a strong grounding in pain science to support further exploration. The course is free for health care providers in BC and offered at a modest cost for providers outside of BC.

Pain Foundations for Primary Care Providers
This practical, compact course allows physicians and nurse practitioners to develop clinically relevant approaches to chronic pain management, including non-pharmacological treatments and prescribing best practices. Learners will develop a strong grounding in pain science to support further exploration. The course is free for primary care providers in BC and offered at a modest cost for physicians and nurse practitioners outside of BC.

Gentle Movement and Relaxation course
This free, online course will equip physiotherapists and other therapeutic movement professionals with practical knowledge and teaching resources to lead their own movement and relaxation programs for people living with chronic pain.

The Gentle Movement and Relaxation course is currently available to BC health care providers only.

Pain BC relies on the generosity of our donors to deliver our programs and services. We gratefully acknowledge that many of our programs and services receive partial financial support from the Province of British Columbia, including Coaching for Health, the Pain Support Line, Pain Support and Wellness Groups, our chronic pain management workshops for health care providers, Gentle Movement and Relaxation course, LivePlanBe, Making Sense of Pain, Pain Foundations, and the Pain Waves podcast.
Other programs, opportunities and resources
BC Centre for Disease Control logo
Preparing for heat events
Resources from the BCCDC

The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) has released information on preparing for heat events and the different types of heat alerts. The resources include an extreme heat preparedness guide, housing and shelter services, health and service providers, instructions on creating an extreme heat kit, and more.
Headshot of Dr. Andrea Furlan
Dr. Andrea Furlan's video series
Her recent playlist covers headaches

Dr. Andrea Furlan is a pain specialist in Toronto with over 30 years of experience. Her regularly updated YouTube channel features videos that may be of interest to people living with pain. Her recent playlist on headaches covers tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, and more.
New pain podcast episode on trigeminal neuralgia
UHN podcast on the brain

The Krembil Brain Institute at Toronto Western Hospital (UHN) hosts a podcast series called 'Your Complex Brain.' The newest episode explores trigeminal neuralgia, a chronic facial pain condition where even a gust of wind can trigger severe facial pain. Dr. Mojgan Hodaie discusses the science behind trigeminal neuralgia to develop new and more personalized treatment options for patients. She also discusses her research and advanced imaging techniques that may also help those living with other chronic pain disorders.
Research and engagement opportunities
University of Saskatchewan logo
Survey: Pediatric pain

Researchers at the Saskatchewan Health Authority and University of Saskatchewan have created a Pediatric Chronic Pain Pathway Document for primary care providers. The document includes pain assessment tools, treatment and education resources to make it easier to discuss chronic pain management options. They are looking for feedback on the document from young people living with chronic pain, their caregivers, health care providers and health services decision makers. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. You can enter your name to win one of five $20 gift cards.
Canadian Society of Intestinal Research and MedAccess BC logos
Survey: Access to medications

Are you an adult who takes prescription medication? MedAccess BC, in collaboration with the Canadian Society of Gastrointestinal Research, has developed a survey to understand your opinions regarding current access to medicines in various health care settings (e.g., local pharmacy, hospital) and advocate for system-wide improvements in care and treatment. Your feedback will be used to shape future programming and to inform community members, health care professionals, and health policy decision-makers. The survey will take approximately 5-8 minutes to complete.
University of Calgary logo
Study: Chronic pain in serving military members, veterans and their children

Chronic pain can run in families; however, many children manage to avoid inter-generational pain. The Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans and the University of Calgary want to better understand how pain can be transferred to children from their parents, and which factors affect this in a veteran/military population. Veterans, serving members and their children will be sent an online survey which will take 30-45 minutes to complete. Participants will each receive a $15 gift card. To learn more, contact the research team at or 403-210-7846.
In the news
People in profile: Nicole Bailey
The Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute profiles Nicole Bailey, a pain advocate, graduate research assistant and Pain BC volunteer.
Changing my relationship with chronic migraine
Some people living with invisible illnesses choose not to disclose their conditions. The author of this article shares the changes she’s noticed since telling people about her chronic migraines.
Blogs on living with arthritis
Everyday Health has put together a list of blogs about living with arthritis, featuring pain advocate and friend of Pain BC Eileen Davidson.
A rural doctor takes on a new patient: herself
Dr. Judy Dercksen, a member of our BC ECHO for Chronic Pain team, writes about her experiences as a rural doctor in Quesnel, BC, sharing the limitations health care providers face.
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