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Virginia Democrats Support Public Safety and Police Reform.
Here's material to leverage in your campaign...
Local Majority is pleased to present our next set of materials to help your campaign. Reforming Virginia's criminal justice system and enhancing community safety have been high priorities under the Democratic-controlled State House and Senate. Our Criminal Justice Reform Issue Report previously shared with you highlights the many steps taken by Democrats for positive change. Also below are new reports on the emerging hot topics of Police Reform and Qualified Immunity. Find links to the reports below, and utilize our social media content to spread awareness about the importance of electing Democrats this year. Please contact our Executive Director JoAnn Loulan with any questions, comments or needs.
While Republicans claim that Democrats want to "defund the police" (a claim that was squarely de-bunked in a recent unanimous U.S. Senate vote), police reform advocates are considering thoughtful options that protect the police and the communities they serve.
Qualified immunity is a lawsuit defense for government officials, which over the years has been read by courts to allow some bad-actor police officers to avoid liability for violating the the civil rights of others. Read our report to learn more about this issue.
Refresh your memory on the many recent forward-thinking laws passed by Virginia Democrats by perusing this report that we shared with you in May. Virginia Democrats have abolished the death penalty, banned no-knock warrants, enacted sentencing reform and so much more.
Social Media Content on Police and Justice Reform
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