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New Year, New Habits?

What does a dog trainer have to say about New Year's resolutions? Well, resolutions are usually about behavior modification, and creating new habits, so it's my area of expertise!

I've made a list of 22 Resolutions for myself (22 for '22!) and seven of them are essentially daily habits I want to strengthen. I tried to make sure they are achievable and measurable - things like "wash dishes daily", "read for 22 minutes daily", and "no snacking after 10pm". Here are some things I’ve learned over my years of behavior counseling (and attempts at self-improvement).

Dog Trainer Wisdom
I wanted to share a few aphorisms - words of wisdom - from the dog training world. One phrase that's fairly popular is
Train when you can, not when you can't.
This means that the best time to teach your dog something new is when there are few distractions, for the dog and for you. Start a new behavior at home, when it's quiet, or in a familiar place that your dog is comfortable in. But when distractions show up, you need to lower your expectations, and maybe switch from "training" to "management" - merely controlling your dog and the situation as much as possible. If you cannot be pretty sure of your success, don't ask your dog to do something new or challenging.

This also means that you can't be training your dog when you're absent, asleep, or focused on work, a child, or a different leisure activity.

Dog Songs
Just for fun, here's a whole list of songs about dogs that I found on Spotify - enjoy!
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