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January 2022
News, updates and perspectives on the
future of education from FLEX High
Carla’s Mentor Gave Her Purpose and
a Passion for Culinary Arts
January is National Mentoring Month and time to recognize the powerful influence a mentor can have on a young person…often lasting a lifetime. Mentors come in all types – education mentors, life mentors, peer mentors and more. 
New Year’s Resolutions that
High Schools Need to Make and Keep
Well into another pandemic school year, educators should take the season of New Year’s resolutions to reflect on ways to improve and do better for students…and teachers. 

Not all students learn at the same pace or in the same manner. This was amplified during distance learning when some kids did okay, while others fell further behind, and many stopped attending school. 

We’d like to suggest five key New Year’s Resolutions for school leadership:
Parents Want Instruction Personalized
to the Individual Student
A new poll released by the Good4U coalition indicates 91 percent of California voters say it’s important for public schools to provide quality education options with the instruction personalized to the individual student that includes job and life skills training.