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February 2022
News, updates and perspectives on the
future of education from FLEX High
How School Helped Roxeanna Begin a Career in Child Development
Roxeanna is smart and has always done well academically, but is shy, keeps to herself and struggles making friends. When she got to high school, her social skills caused her the most pain. “I would get sensory overload and it was nerve wracking to have a teacher ask me a question in class. I knew the answers, but I was too nervous to participate,” she said. “I didn't like doing group projects with classmates who didn’t care, since I would end up doing all the work.”

Coming to our school, she said, was the best decision for her mental health. 
School Counseling in Demand as Teen Anxiety and Depression Doubles
Anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation among teens have doubled in the past two years – all while most schools are facing a shortage of counselors. National School Counseling Week, February 7-11, pays tribute to the hardworking school counselors who are needed now more than ever. School counselors address students’ social and emotional issues, and basic needs, along with their academic progress and goals.

“Our philosophy is to reduce any barriers to learning, whether it’s a student’s social/emotional challenges, academic concerns or career worries.”

How High Schools Can Maintain Career Tech Classes Despite Teacher Shortages
While millions of people are currently unemployed and looking for work, there is a massive labor shortage with 10.9 million unfilled jobs across the U.S. The blame, as a recent Harvard Business Review article points out, is because “the U.S. education system is not held accountable for ensuring that students are properly equipped with the skills and capabilities to prepare for a career where they can obtain financial stability.”  

February is National Career Technical Education (CTE) Month, and it is important to shine a light on the ways all schools can offer career pathways for high school students