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October 2021
News, updates and perspectives on the
future of education from FLEX High
Resiliency Skills Helped Alexandria Succeed Beyond High School
After Alexandria graduated in 2017, she enrolled in community college and initially found it difficult. “But I did not give up and it started getting easier and more enjoyable. At this school I discovered that I was capable of anything despite my challenges,” she said. “What really helped me was learning to take baby steps – setting small-term goals. Then once I achieve those goals, I kept setting more little goals.”
Strong Teacher-Student Relationships are
Key to Keeping Kids Engaged in School
This month’s Dropout Prevention Month is more crucial than ever after hundreds of thousands of students have opted not to return to the classroom. Many are being homeschooled or attending online classes, but there is still a large number who are simply not attending school at all. And those who have returned to the classroom may be struggling to adjust after a school year of dramatic disruptions and learning loss. Educators must work harder than ever to engage and reengage students.
When it Comes to Education,
Parents are Clear on What They Want
A recent independent poll shows overwhelming support by parents for a personalized learning education model. Good4U, a coalition of parents, educators and community members, launched a campaign to advocate for how to best serve vulnerable students with three key elements: