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Ministry Update

At the end of October, Dan and I experienced one of the most fruitful times of evangelism in my life. Throughout the fall, we attempted to develop an open-air dialogue with non-believers at the heart of KU. We built our idea on Acts 17. In Acts 17, Paul is in Athens, and the idolatry of the city provokes his spirit. So, he begins proclaiming the gospel to the Jews in the synagogue and various people in the marketplace, including Epicurean and Stoic philosophers. The philosophers are so intrigued by his message that they bring him up to the Areopagus to hear more from him. The Areopagus is a place where people of different religions and philosophies debate and discuss their beliefs. Paul goes to the Areopagus and publicly proclaims the gospel and defends the Christian worldview in an open-air dialogue with the Athenians. There are three things that Dan and I want to imitate from this scene in Acts 17:

  1. The spirit of open conversation and dialogue concerning life's most important questions. 
  2. The spontaneity of the conversation. 
  3. A space and atmosphere where people are free to discuss life's biggest questions (the Areopagus). 

That leaves us with a nice alliteration: spirit, spontaneity, and space. After many trials, we discovered that some type of sign is imperative to draw people into the conversation. So, we put a picture of Paul speaking at the Areopagus on a banner with the simple invitation: let's dialogue. The sign is ambiguous yet enticing. The first day we used the sign, we conversed with students at KU for over 3 hours straight. Some conversations are recorded and will be available on my YouTube channel. See below. By the end of the three hours, we had three non-believing girls sitting cross-legged in front of us, listening to us talk about Christianity and the gospel. Many students heard the gospel that day.

On a different note, in the middle of November, I filled in for Dr. Joe Allen and tought his classes for a week at Midwestern. The first was an undergraduate evangelism and discipleship class. The class met on Mondays and Wednesdays for 90 minute periods. I lectured on Christian stewardship and eternal rewards on Monday and the 55 personal evangelism conversations of Scripture on Wednesday. The second class was graduate level Missiology for seminary students. Missiology met once a week on Fridays for 3 hours. I lectured on the history of missions, which required a lot of preparation to sustain a 3-hour lecture. 

Below is a video I made on the great commission. I audio quality is not as good as the gospel video from before. Nevertheless, I hope you find it instructive.

Since my last newsletter, podcasting has been slow. I published one more episode on evangelism in a post-christian world. Click the link below to listen. Here are two clips from our KU dialogues. I will publish a few more videos of our KU evangelism soon.

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Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God would cultivate my mind as I read and write for Ph.D. seminars.
  • Pray that I would serve Dr. Joe Allen well as his fellow and that a heart for missions would be cultivated at Midwestern.
  • Pray that Dan and I find new ways to continue our evangelistic dialogues at KU over the winter months.
  • Pray for those who heard the gospel at KU. Pray that God regenerates them.
  • Pray for preaching opportunities in Kansas/Missouri. 
  • Pray for the Fiji Bible College and that they would be richly funded for their incredible ministry. 

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