New England Homes for the Deaf has adopted a “point of care service” to replace the institutionalized tray service.

We began our journey several years ago, by starting with steam table service in one dining room. Recently we have expanded to bring a new rolling steam table to the skilled nursing and short-term rehab unit.

Our goal was to provide increased preferences, hot foods hot and cold foods cold, along with increased delicious smells and improved presentation.
Through a donation from North Shore Savings Bank, NEHD was able to purchase specialized equipment that provides more room for choices, where people can have what they want on demand, rather than waiting for items to come to the second floor from the kitchen.

Some of the benefits include less waiting time from time of order to point of service, no wait times between calls to the kitchen seeking items, and more interaction between dietary services and residents. Dietary services and nursing have worked closely and created a team effort. Customer satisfaction skyrocketed and residents have more options!

The aromas travel through the floor and appetites have shown improvement. Success! We are happy when our residents our happy.