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District bi-weekly newsletter | February 17, 2022 | Volume 2, Issue 15
Dr. Miller's Blog
The Makeover
I don’t purchase magazines all that often. For the most part, reviewing the front covers while I wait in line to check out at the grocery store feeds my appetite. However, I absolutely love Southern Living and have been a loyal subscriber for years. Maybe it’s because I really, really, really dislike winter. Perhaps it is because my family has vacationed at Folly Beach, South Carolina for years. Just about 10 miles outside of Charleston, it is the perfect location for relaxing and enjoying some of the best restaurants anywhere. Perhaps it is because one of my dearest friends is from the South. Whatever the cause, I love the South.

And so, each month I anxiously await the arrival of the next issue of Southern Living. The January/February issue just arrived and across the top of the page it reads, “The Makeover Issue.” The magazine features home makeovers, restaurant makeovers, even new ways to make old recipes. As I paged through the issue with a cup of hot tea on a cold day, I began to think about how the makeover concept is perfect timing for us at Eastland-Fairfield. This year, 2022, is our Makeover Issue.
Finding Your 'E' with Isoni and Armani
We all have our ideas of where we want to go and how we want to get there. At Eastland-Fairfield, we encourage our students to find their next 'E', whether that is entrepreneurship, employment, enlistment, and/or additional education. Seniors Isoni (Pickerington Central, Pre-Engineering) and Armani (Canal Winchester, Cyber Security) shared with us why they chose Eastland-Fairfield, their programs, and the Es that they are pursuing.
A look inside Programming & Software Development
Mackenzie '22 shared that she was learning HTML coding to make websites from scratch.
When we walked into the Programming & Software Development (PSD) lab at Eastland Career Center, we witnessed students both hard at work and enjoying the fruits of their labor. The students in PSD just recently competed in their Business Professionals of America (BPA) competitions and so we asked them to share their projects, which also led to a small gaming distraction.

Yes, sometimes students play games in class ... but you have to MAKE the game, first. Then, as they say, practice makes perfect!
Dylan '22 showcased his group's game, Arkis, which we then played for a bit trying to save the world.
Adam '23 used his study hall time to work on his game, Light Stream, in which we eliminated small and gigantic boss spiders.
Kevin G. '22 (Groveport) displayed two projects he's working on including cell phone lock screens and a dice rolling app.
Mackenzie M. (Canal Winchester), who is also an officer for ECC"s BPA student organization, shared that in addition to learning how to build websites with HTML code, through this program she was introduced to additional Google courses that will lead to her acquiring additional certifications related to project management. She plans on getting a job upon graduation because as she said, "this is like my college."
Adam O. (Gahanna Lincoln) used his study hall time to continue perfecting his top-down, wave-based game. He, senior Dylan M. (Groveport), and their respective groups are favorites to place highly at the national level for their work on games they have meticulously crafted using Unity Real-Time Development Platform software. Each person in the group had a role that was used to highlight and capitalize on their strengths to propel their group forward.
Around Eastland-Fairfield
FCC English students host inaugural Moth storytelling event
The variety of academic course offerings is expanding at Eastland-Fairfield, as are the ways in which we teach our students. In Mrs. Jones and Mr. Ruddell's English 3 class at Fairfield Career Center, students have been learning about oral storytelling, Native American literature, and oral tradition plus its cultural and societal importance. The students then applied the principles of these areas to their own lives by engaging in a first for the course: The Moth, the Art and Craft of Storytelling. Following the purpose of the popular podcast, students were given a theme then asked to build a story map, an outline, and finally present it in spoken word without materials to the class and guests in attendance. Each short story presented a unique side of the student's experience revealing humor, heartfelt emotion, and insight into worlds not experienced. Students and staff from across labs and classes came to support students that presented over the span of two days. Congratulations and well done to our English 3 students on their presentations!
We love our labs!
Our floss-ophy is that Dental Assisting students are awesome!
"Hands, touching hands.
Reaching out, touching me, touching you!" - Cosmetology (ECC)
Medical Office students have their hearts set on lab time!
To celebrate Valentine's Day, students from some of our labs at Eastland Career Center participated in a fun activity in which they showed their love for their lab. Each took tools and items from within their lab (or in some cases, grew them) to create a heart-shaped art display. Thanks for sharing the love! (photo credit: Rebecca Mattox)
(Programming & Software)
Lab-grown love,
courtesy of Modern Cultivation Technologies
New technology provides Dental Assisting students an inside look
One of the newest pieces of technology making X-rays easier to take at dental offices is now making its way into the Dental Assisting lab at Eastland Career Center. Recently, Ms. Sauer's class received a new handheld dental X-ray unit, allowing for new opportunities in the lab. Students will now learn new methods and get new looks at the insides of their client's mouths with this new technology in hand. Isn't technology awesome? Pictured: Ariana '22 (Reynoldsburg), senior Dental Assisting student and instructor, Mrs. Sauer.
State of the Schools Address unveils
new brand and vision
On Thursday, February 10, the inaugural Eastland-Fairfield State of the Schools Address was held at the Engineering Technologies Center on Eastland Career Center's campus. The Culinary Arts program delighted guests with multiple stations of delicious foods plus a take-home dessert treat, while other labs showcased what they are currently learning.

Superintendent/CEO Dr. Kimberly Pietsch Miller then addressed a room full of business partners, alumni, Board of Education members, staff, and students about where Eastland-Fairfield is and where it is going as a district. The new brand, logo, and colors were unveiled, publically, for the first time. The board-approved strategic plan that will guide the district over the coming years was shared, and Eastland-Fairfield's commitment to its students and their futures was renewed.

Click here to read more about the strategic plan or click the button below to watch the full address on YouTube, produced by students from the Interactive Media program.
Adult Plumbing and Facility Maintenance
Programs to Debut in April
If you or someone you know is looking for a career realignment or a way to boost their potential earning power in one of two in-demand fields, Eastland-Fairfield is debuting two new programs this spring for adult learners in the Plumbing and Facilities Maintenance programs.

Get hands-on experience and earn a paycheck while using the job site as your classroom. Complete the program with credentials, certifications, and a head start toward your new career that will propel your future!

For more information:
Call 614-836-4541, ext. 1537

Start date: April 18-19
Financial aid is available!
Click for more information on
Upcoming Events
Feb. 17: Parent-Teacher Conferences
Feb. 18: Professional Development Day (no school for students)
Feb. 21: President's Day (no school)
Feb. 24: Family Tours
Feb. 26: FCCLA Region 3 CDE Competition (hosted by ECC)

March 3: Family Tours
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March 5: SkillsUSA Regional Competition (hosted at ECC)

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