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Ideas and tips to get along and get stuff done------------ ---November 22, 2022
More Facilitators Please!

When a meeting is "facilitated" it basically means that a neutral person is in charge of the process, and this person does things to help all voices be heard and help the group be efficient.

The facilitator manages the process so participants can focus on the substance. And when this happens, processes go better and substantive outcomes are more creative.
For more on the theory search FACILITATION at my website.

And I believe that facilitation can be learned. Just like with other processes such as building a house or cooking a meal, there are right and wrong ways to do things with groups. Sequencing matters. And there is a body a knowledge about what works and what doesn't. There are proven principles and techniques.

If you would like to contribute to your team or your company or your government more effectively, perhaps you should step into more facilitation. The world needs facilitators to help the rest of us be more peaceful and productive.
Free Training Wednesday

Looking for a Flash Course on Meeting Facilitation?

This is it.

In this session I will provide basic training on how to plan, run, and follow up on a great meeting.

As part of the session I will invite a few people from the audience to be my special guests! Maybe YOU if you want. And of course I will take your questions about all aspects of meeting facilitation.

Professional Trainers are Waiting For You

I often profile training opportunities on my social media channels.
Here's one of my favorites: Leadership Strategies.

To the right is just one month of their training calendar.

Led by Michael Wilkinson of Atlanta - who I met and was inspired by several years ago at a conference - this company offers terrific on-line and in-person training on meeting facilitation. Check them out.
It's time to submit proposals to Community Building, MaineCF's largest grant program.

Last year MaineCF funded grants across the state that totaled $1.3 million and donors with advised funds recommended an additional $509,000 in grants.

This grassroots program supports projects and nonprofit organizations focused on making communities stronger. It provides funds for new and expanding projects as well as general support for ongoing projects and operational needs.

Learn all about it here. Free info session on December 13, registration required.
Look what Mary O'Brien and her
team whipped up!

It has links for local shopping, environmental shopping, social fairness shopping, and even alternatives to shopping!

Thanks to you and your organization for doing this Mary. Folks, check it out here.
Have you ordered Together We Decide for your team?

It's proving to be a popular end-of-year gift. Publishers Weekly called it “... a practical-minded guidebook...not just for leaders and managers, but for any individual who has a desire to contribute positively to their group, community, or team.” It's an Amazon Top 10 Bestseller in several categories.

Volume discounts here Or contact me directly.
To Help You Get Along
Written and published by Craig Freshley. Thanks for walking along with me.
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