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A monthly newsletter from Massachusetts Access to Recovery (ATR) where our efforts to support individuals in recovery intersect.

Welcome to The Corner, the new and improved newsletter from ATR. In this newsletter, we plan to deliver a collection of content and updates to keep you engaged in our work with the recovery community. We often treat our street intersections as meeting points, a place to meet a friend before continuing together to a shared destination. We hope to meet you at The Corner with the same goal in mind: to collaborate, walk together, and work together to better support individuals in recovery.


When the road is dark, we rely on the streetlamps and lights above us to help guide the way. The work we do for those in recovery comes with challenges, but when we hear from ATR participants, they light us up. Our ATR participants are resilient, their courage guides us and inspires us.

Meet Dominique


Many of us are scared to make a change, and Dominique was no different. She was faced with choosing between the life that no longer served her or a new life that she could create for herself. With courage and the support of others, like her ATR Coordinator, Patricia, she chose a new life. We are celebrating the success Dominique has created, and we hope you’ll join us.

Click below to read her full story.


When we have exciting updates about the ATR program, you can find them here. Consider this your one-stop-shop for ATR announcements.

New ATR Team Members

Since our last newsletter, we have added a few new faces to ATR! We are excited to welcome this group to the AHP Team to further support our mission. 

New ATR Members _1_.png
Click here to read about our new team members!

Beep beep! ATR has a lot of moving parts and our team oversees the traffic of incoming participants, ready to begin their recovery path. With that, we know that there are thousands across the nation who are starting their recovery journeys, too. This Traffic Report is where our communities intersect across the state of Massachusetts and across the country.

How ATR Aims to Increase Recovery Capital

As the term “recovery capital” has become more prevalent in the recovery community and in recovery support programs, like ATR, we are diving into how our services help each of our participants increase their own recovery capital.


We are excited to not only share the progress of the ATR program, but also share this space with partnering organizations who are making an impact on individuals in recovery and spotlight their work. In The Rotary, we will host discussions with other organizations as well as discuss important topics that are affecting our community and our participants. In a rotary, you may find yourself in the midst of chaos and confusion, but The Rotary is where we come together to help each other move in the right direction.

A Tribute to Kevin Beltrami


In April, one of our Paths to Empowerment (P2E) program facilitators, Kevin Beltrami, passed away. There is nothing more confusing to navigate than the tragic loss of someone who made an impact in the way Kevin did. We wanted to take some time to honor Kevin’s work with P2E and ATR. You may have seen this video in one of our previous newsletters where Kevin and ATR Fidelity Manager, Erin Allain, held a mock interview to address a participant’s questions about CORIs (Criminal Offender Record Information). ATR Job Developer, Miranda Faris, had the opportunity to learn directly from Kevin during her time working at the MassHire Downtown Boston office. Click below for her tribute to dear friend and colleague, Kevin Beltrami. Thank you to Erin Allain and Tasha Goss, Lead Career Navigator at MassHire Downtown Boston, for their contributions to this piece.


ATR Responds to Workforce Re-Entry

In addition to increasing support for the Black and Brown communities that have historically been discriminated against by the criminal justice system, the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS) has launched the "Recovery-Based Reentry Services for Black and Latino Men" initiative. AHP will be part of this endeavor managing the ATR coordination services to support those within our community who have a substance use disorder (SUD) and a history in the criminal justice system. Click below to read how ATR Care Coordinator, James Harrison, plans to support this unique population in his work.


There are always training opportunities, webinars, or events to look forward to. Check in here to put your next destination on the calendar!

Health Resources in Action (HRiA)

HRiA will be hosting a two-part virtual training on opioid overdose rescue so that you are equipped with the knowledge of opioids, their risk factors, and how to respond through rescue practices.

Click here to register for Part 1 on June 16, 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Click here to register for Part 2 on June 21, 9:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Prefer to learn hands-on information in an in-person setting?

AdCare will host HRiA instructors for a full-day, in-person training on Opioid Rescue and Prevention on July 28 in Worcester, MA. Click here for details and registration.


We relish the opportunity to share the mission of ATR with others, so stop by the Newsstand for the latest articles or press releases from ATR.

In the last year, we expanded our services where people need it. When we expanded into Lowell, MA, we were grateful to share this new opportunity with the Lowell Sun in November, 2021. Click below to read more about the beginnings of our work in Lowell, and share this newsletter with others to join us as we continue making an impact in Massachusetts.