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This is your STEM Student Newsletter. Created by You! Help us make it what you want it to be. We're looking for interested students to join our STEM communications team to help us communicate with our STEM Spartans. Email if interested.
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STEM Student Events

Click on the STEM Events Calendar to see everything that is happening at STEM. We've added Enrichment and Athletic Events to the calendar as well.

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Secondary-Candy-Grams-Presentation image

Secondary Candy Grams!

Hey Spartans,

The holiday season is just around the corner, and High School Student Government is here to help! 

We'll be selling Holiday-Themed Candy Grams at each lunch from November 28-December 7. Each purchase will come with a custom message alongside some other holiday-themed messages. 

After the selling date, we'll deliver the following week to your 8th and 9th-period classes. 

Below is the pricing for what we are selling:

  • Candy Cane (Small) - $2 (3 for $5)
  • Candy Cane (Jumbo) - $5
  • Mug and Cocoa - $10

Happy Holidays,

High School Student Government

Mark Your Calendars

On Monday, Dec. 12 we will be showing an SBL Information Video starting at 8 a.m. via Live Stream on STEM's YouTube.

Your fellow classmate, Ben Grossman, is living out STEM's mission of Never Stop Innovating and has partnered with STEM Administration to develop ways to help students learn and understand Standards Based Learning.

In true PBL fashion, Ben is trying to solve a real-world PBL to help all STEM students by reducing stress and improving learning.

Way to go Ben!!

A link to the Live Stream will be in next week's Student Newsletter and the video will be available on STEM's YouTube channel for reference.

Student Feedback Google Form

Student Advisory is working with the STEM Administration Tam to find a better way to collect student feedback about the school. Please fill out the Student Feedback Google Form to anonymously share your feedback with the Administration. Student Advisory will have access to the responses and will share them with the Administration Team during our monthly Student Forums.  

Cllick here for the Student Feedback Form

Sources of Strength Student Survey

Sources of Strength is conducting a Passion Project and would like to receive feedback from High School Students on the possibility of implementing Gender Neutral bathrooms at STEM. Feedback is anonymous and is open to students in grades 9-12.

(Please keep in mind that all suggestions to add or change areas within the STEM School Buildings must go through a review process to ensure that they can be accommodated based on our current facility structure and compliance requirements.)

Click here to take the surey
2023-Apple-Awards-Image image

DCSD Apple Award Nominations Open

The Foundation for Douglas County Schools is proud to honor exceptional educators and staff who are inspiring a love of learning in students and are trailblazing extraordinary innovation in our schools. Over the years, the Apple Awards has grown to engage the entire community, bringing in thousands of nominations every year for teachers and staff members across the district.  Click here to Nominate

Secondary News/Updates

In this week's Secondary News you can find inFree Chromebooks for FRL Students

  • NHS Toy Drive
  • High School Finals Schedule
  • STEM After Prom Committee Volunteers Needed
  • More

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Athletics News/Updates

Each week we'll share important Athletics News with our community.

Enrichment-News-Presentation image

Enrichment News/Updates

Enrichment at STEM is the place students can find all of the school’s after-school, summer, and other enrichment offerings. Our Enrichment Coordinator, Mrs. Fitzroy, coordinates with students and outside groups to offer after-school activities for all students.

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Sharing Our Good News

Want to see all the Good Things happening at STEM? Check out our Sharing Our Good News post. Each week we share photos, videos and information about the Good News that has happened that week.

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Walking-the-Beat-Presentation image

Walking the Beat

Each week our very own DCSO School Resource Officer Deputy Gabe Uribe, writes a newsletter for our community about important topics as it relates to safety and security.

Click here to read more

Student Shout-Outs!

We want to celebrate our students and for our students to celebrate each other. Give a Shout-Out to a fellow classmate!

Ishika Singh


Ishika is always kind and shows care for other people. She's appreciative of everyone around her and will always make you laugh or laugh with you, even when she's down.

Jhasmyne Reyna


Jhasmyne is always caring and kind! She knows when she did something wrong and gives a very nice and comforting apology! I love how when she sees someone down, she goes up to them and tries to comfort them!

Nova Kuznetsova


She is a good person to talk to and is very kin.

Lou Fletcher


They're always there for you and your hardest times, rain or in sun. They won't give up on helping you. They are always respectful of everyone's opinions and ideas and are always just there to stand up if somebody isn't being respectful!

Abigail (Abby) Rose


Abby is such an amazing friend. One time someone broke a flower that was special, and

he gave me hers right after I told her. She's always just nice to people. She is just an amazing friend to have I could never lose her. Thanks for being such a good friend. I never wanna lose you.

Nina Palatian


Nina is a very amazing comfort person. She will give you advice, and you can talk to her about anything. She won't judge you and will always share her honest opinion and always consider others' opinions. 

Abigail Rose


You can talk to Abby about anything. She will always try to help you and give you advice. She will try to make you feel better and also care for others.

Gracie Sparks


Every morning Leah Sparks helps others with the morning warm-up.

Avery Snow


She is my best friend, and she is always super sweet and cares for everybody.

Charlotte Bench (cat)


She always helps me to stay on task and follow the rules, she keeps me in line.

Alexis Parker


Alexis is always there for everybody even if she does not know the person, she will ensure they are safe and loved. Even when she is involved in a fight, she will not hold grudges against other people and will keep showing empathy for other people. She is an amazing friend, and, Alexis, I hope you achieve all of your dreams!

Student Support Services
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